Shrimp Drunken Udon Noodles

These Shrimp Drunken Udon Noodles are spicy with a hint of sweetness to take off the edge. Add whatever protein you like, or make a it a vegetarian dish.

Summer is winding down and I’ve been getting back into my routine of cooking on the regular. This week I whipped up one of my favorite Thai dishes, Drunken Noodles. Drunken Noodles is a spicy stir fried noodles dish that is usually made with broad noodles, but I recently had it in a restaurant made with Japanese Udon noodles and it was so delicious that I had to replicate the dish. These drunken udon noodles can be extremely spicy, so I used Hoisin Sauce as a base to take the edge off since it’s slightly sweet.

Shrimp Drunken Udon Noodles Recipe

What you will need…

Fresh or Frozen Shrimp ( I used Trader Joe’s Frozen Argentinian Red Shrimp)

Fresh or Frozen Udon Noodles (I used frozen)

Sweet Bell Peppers

Yellow Onion




Tamari (Gluten Free Soy Sauce)

Hoisin Sauce

Sriracha Sauce

Toasted Sesame Oil

Shrimp Drunken Udon Noodles Recipe


When it comes down to stir fry dishes, exact measurements aren’t really necessary. You can use as much or as little vegetables as you’d like and season to taste.

Defrost the shrimp, pat dry and set aside.

Cook the udon noodles al dente and set aside to drain.

In a small bowl, mix about 2 tablespoons of Hoisin Sauce with 1 tablesoon of Sriracha Sauce and a half tablespoon of Tamari. Set aside.

Slice the peppers, onions, carrots and scallions.

Heat the toasted sesame oil in a hot wok pan and throw in the peppers, onions, carrots and broccoli. Stir fry for a few minutes until slightly tender.

Add the shrimp and stir fry until pink. Do not overcook or they will be tough.

Add the sauce mixture and udon noodles to the wok and stir fry until everything is evenly coated.

Turn off the pan and toss in the scallions.

Serve while hot.

Shrimp Drunken Udon Noodles Recipe

Don’t be afraid to change it up, you can toss in whatever kind of protein, vegetables and noodles that you like. Enjoy!

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