7 Tools You Need To Maintain Your TWA

I'm always trying new products but I've found that no matter how I style my hair, these are the only tools that I need. Try these tools to maintain your TWA

tools to maintain twa jumbo rake comb

It’s been almost 4 months since I did the Big Chop and I’ve learned so much about my hair. I already have a few favorite products and a signature style or two. I’m always trying new products but I’ve found that no matter how I style my hair, these are the only tools that I need. Try these 7 tools to maintain your TWA

1. Jumbo Rake Comb

I don’t comb my hair often. As a matter of fact, the only time that I comb my hair is on wash day to detangle. I use a jumbo rake comb with a handle and I make sure that my hair is wet and slathered with conditioner. You really don’t need to comb your hair much but when you do make sure it’s wet and has conditioner in it. Combing your hair dry can lead to breakage, especially with type 4 hair.

tools to maintain twa satin bonnet

2. Satin Bonnet

I sleep in a satin bonnet every single night to protect my hairstyle and help my hair to maintain moisture. If you don’t like to sleep with anything on your head, invest in a satin pillowcase. Cotton will draw all of the moisture from your hair and cause friction, which leads to breakage.

tools to maintain twa spraybottle

3. Water Spray Bottle

As a natural, I’ve learned that water is my hair’s best friend. I keep a spray bottle full on hand at all times. My hair gets flat in places when I sleep on it at night, but reviving it in the morning is super easy with my trusty spray bottle. I saturate my hair with water and fluff with my fingers… and tada, all is well again.

tools to maintain twa afro pick

4. Afro Pick

Another tool to help with flat hair. After I spray my hair with water and fluff, I use an afro pick to lift my hair from the roots to add volume.

tools to maintain twa toothbrush

5. Toothbrush

Yes, you’re seeing right. A toothbrush. I’ve learned that you don’t want to brush your sensitive edges with a regular brush as it’s too large and too rough. So I keep a dedicated toothbrush for the sole purpose of styling my “baby hairs.”

tools to maintain twa hair cutting scissors

6. Hair Cutting Scissors

If you trim and cut your own hair like I do, it’s important to do it with hair cutting scissors. These scissors are sharp enough to cut hair effortlessly and will not snag or cause split ends. It is very important that you don’t use your hair scissors for anything else as they will get dull and cause split ends.


tools to maintain twa t-outliner

7. T-outliner

If you have a tapered twa where your nape is exposed, you must keep the area neat. I keep a t-outliner on hand to line up my nape and sideburns, sticking to my natural hairline. I do this about every 7-10 days. If you’re not comfortable with clippers or shaping up your hairline yourself, you can go to the barber for this step.

What are your go to hair tools to maintain your TWA?

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  1. Very informative! I think my hair journey would have been a bit easier if I had known these tips or even thought to look at youtube for help. LOL.. You’re rocking it though!

    1. Thanks Char. I researched for months before I big chopped so it made things a little easier, but you still learn the most from experience. 🙂

  2. I’ve introduced the satin bonnet to two boyfriends :p and they didn’t actually mind! (True life I’m dating a 4c black chick)- granted they never saw me on wash and twist day !

    1. Lol if we are serious enough that we spend the night together, you will see my satin bonnet and my bare face. I am not sleeping in makeup with my hair out, trying to be cute 🙂

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