Sleek MakeUp Bare Skin Foundation, Your Face But Better

The Sleek MakeUp Bare Skin Foundation is ultra lightweight making it easy to achieve a "my face but better" look, while allowing your skin to breathe.

Sleek MakeUp Bare Skin Foundation

The new Bare Skin Foundation from Sleek MakeUp is ultra lightweight making it easy to achieve a no-makeup, my face but better look, while allowing your skin to breathe and feel comfortable. It’s perfect for those hot Summer days that you just don’t want too much on your face.


The foundation comes in 12 shades to suit a variety of different skin tones from very fair to dark. I was sent over two shades to test out, Cannelle and Hot Chocolate. Hot Chocolate is the darkest shade.


It comes in a pump bottle making it very easy to dispense the perfect amount.


Cannelle, Hot Chocolate

The texture is similar to a tinted moisturizer or bb cream and although it is lightweight it can be built up a little but not much. If you have any blemishes that you would like to cover you need to use a concealer first.


For some reason while blending Cannelle begin to turn white. I don’t know if it was just a separation of the ingredients but I had shook it up well so that shouldn’t be the case. It did dry down to the correct color though.

Sleek MakeUp Bare Skin Foundation canelle and hot chocolate

Cannelle, Hot Chocolate

Cannelle is slightly too light and cool toned while Hot Chocolate is a little too dark on me. To get a closer shade match I mixed 1/2 Cannelle with 1/2 Hot Chocolate. I still wasn’t 100% happy with the match but as it oxidized it blended with my skin tone more. Here is how it looks on…

Sleek MakeUp Bare Skin Foundation canelle

The Bare Skin foundation wore well for the evening without making me too greasy or oily, and without wearing off. I got a good 7 hours wear without any issues. For those that don’t have many skin issues and like a lighter weight foundation, this one is for you!

Available at $13.49

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  1. Will definitely be looking for this in the beauty stores. Im using black opal medium concealer and im disappointed with it as it is soooo dry.

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