Sephora Collection Pro Makeup Brushes

The Sephora Collection Pro Makeup Brushes are thee truth. Very well made. No shedding or falling apart. I may have to get the entire collection!


“I’ve got way too many makeup brushes” said no beauty addict ever. I’m always on the hunt for a good brush since my collection is always changing with some not so good ones shedding and straight up falling apart. I received a few of the new pro brushes from the Sephora Collection in my bag from The Makeup Show NYC Blogger Preview and it took me a while to get to them as they were hidden under a pile of other stuff on my desk, but boy oh boy am I happy to have these as they are thee truth!


Each brush has a protective cap to keep dust and germs off. These little caps are perfect for protecting the brushes while traveling as well.

Sephora Collection Pro Makeup Brushes

Sephora Collection Pro Makeup Brushes

This is a five piece brush set that I believe was only available at TMS but all are available individually along with some other sets. From top to bottom: #56 Flawless Airbrush, #57 Airbrush Concealer, #10 Crease, #13 Angled Shadow and #24 Smoky Liner. All are made with synthetic fibers.

Sephora Collection Pro Makeup Brush #56

Pro Flawless Airbrush #56 $32

The Flawless Airbrush brush applies all types of foundation and provides a natural, airbrushed finish. The brush head is densely packed with short bristles making it ideal for layering to build up coverage. I’ve been using it with my liquid foundations, tinted moisturizers and bb creams and it does indeed create a flawless finish. I put the product on a metal palette, put a little on the brush and use a tap and buff method to flawlessly blend. I use less product with this brush out of all of my current brushes. This is my favorite from the collection.

Sephora Collection Pro Makeup Brush #57

Pro Airbrush Concealer #57 $24

The Airbrush Concealer brush applies correcting formulas with a flawless airbrushed look. It precisely conceals dark circles, redness and other imperfections. The short bristles allow you to buff and blend from light to heavy to achieve perfect coverage. I’ve been using this to apply my under eye concealer and highlight my face and it buffs the concealer out to a seamless finish while the size makes it easy to get the corners of the eye and under the lower lash line. Since I’ve been using the #57 my under eye concealer creases much less.

Sephora Collection Pro Makeup Brush #10

Pro Crease #10 $22

The Pro Crease brush precisely applies and blends eyeshadow into the crease to add depth. It’s not too soft nor too firm and blends perfectly.

Sephora Collection Pro Makeup Brush #13

Pro Angled Shadow #13 $20

The Pro Angled Shadow brush easily adds color to every contour. I like to use it to highlight my brow bone and apply eyeshadow to the crease. I have hooded eyelids so I have to kind of create a crease in order for it to be visible and this brush makes it easy to do that.

Sephora Collection Pro Makeup Brush #24

Pro Smoky Liner #24 $17

The Pro Smoky Liner brush is for outlining the eye with liquid and cream formulas to create a smoldering smokey eye effect. The pointed tip makes it easy to smudge the liner for the perfect smoky eye. I’ve been using it to apply cream liner to my lower lash line or to smoke out pencil liner and it’s been perfect. It also creates a great dramatic cat eye look and works good with powder as well.

Sephora did their thing with their brush collection and I’m thoroughly impressed with the pro line. The brushes are very well made and I haven’t experienced any shedding or falling apart. I’ve been using them on myself but they are good enough to use in my kit as well. I will definitely be adding a few more to my collection. You may purchase the Sephora Collection brushes in a Sephora store near you or shop the widget below to purchase from

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