My Hair Loves Mizani

My hair absolutely loves Mizani and has been silky, shiny and full of volume. Most of the products that I currently use are from the brand.

mizani hair products review

While I’m on the subject of my hair I’d like to share with you guys some of the products that I am currently using. My hair absolutely loves Mizani and has been silky, shiny and full of volume. Most of the products that I currently use are from the brand. These are my favorites…

Butter Blends Relaxer

I used to have to switch my relaxer every 6 months to a year because my hair would stop responding as well but that is not the case with Mizani Butter Blends Relaxer. I first tried the no-lye formula a few years back and loved it, but currently my hair does not agree with no lye relaxers as they leave my ends dry and brittle so I switched to the lye formula and never looked back. The relaxer is formulated with a blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and honey to provide moisture while relaxing. My hair always comes out bone straight and extra shiny.

Puriphying Intense Cleansing Shampoo

I use this shampoo after my neutralizing shampoo and it leaves my hair squeaky clean. It removes all product build up, dirt and oils pretty much like a clarifying shampoo while providing moisture and protein. While it provides moisture it’s not enough on it’s own so you must follow it with a really good moisturizing conditioner.

Fulphyl Conditioning Treatment

A balance of protein and moisture is crucial for healthy hair and this conditioner provides both. It leaves my hair very moisturized and soft without any tangles and keeps it strong. I have less breakage since I’ve been using it. When I’m using it after a relaxer I put on a cap and leave it for 15 minutes, sometimes I’ll sit under the dryer for a more intense treatment.

Gloss Veil Shine Spray

The silicone-free formula is light and non greasy. It gives my hair an ultra-gloss shine and keeps my frizzies under control without weighing my hair down. It can also be used as a heat protectant spray during heat styling.

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Have you tried Mizani products? What are your favorites?

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  1. I had a hairdresser who swore by Mizani. She said the key is to use all of their products, not just one or two. She was onto something because while I went to her, my hair was on point. I’d like to use them again, but I’m too cheap. LOL

    1. They do work better together! Lol I feel you as some of the products are quite expensive but you can find them in stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx at a discount.

  2. My fave is the H20 Nighttime Treatment. I truly can’t live without it – especially in this ridiculous cold weather. It’s noticeable when I haven’t been using it–which is why I try to stay stocked up on it when I can get it at a lower price, since it’s kinda expensive.

  3. Mizani lover checking in also. I love butter blends sensitive scalp and D’tangle is my go to product once I hit 2 months post. I think I may also switch to a full mizani regimen .

  4. Mizani products are really good. I haven’t used them in a while, but my faves are the D’tangle leave-in, Botanifying shampoo, Moisturefuse conditioner, and the Nighttime treatment.

  5. I have used most of mizani line of products I do have a question about the sensitive scalp relaxer (no lye) vs the rhelaxer (lye) I have 4c hair would sensuve scalp or even their bb relaxer medium /Normal strength straighten my hair? Which would straighten my hair?

    I normally use Organic Root Stimulator coarse strength relaxer (no lye) when self relaxing and normally get mizani relaxer in the salon, she did not tell me which of the two bb she used on my hair and its closed due to Covid.

    1. I have 4C hair and both the sensitive scalp no lye relaxer and the lye relaxer worked to straighten my hair. I used to switch back and forth between the formulas and have reviews for both on the blog. Just do a quick search for Mizani.

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