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Ever do your makeup in the house and check your compact outside to see that your foundation is not blended properly? Yeah bad lighting will do that to you.

Ever do your makeup in the house and check your compact when you get outside to see that your foundation is not blended properly or that you have on way too much blush? Yeah bad lighting will do that to you. I don’t get too much natural sunlight being on the bottom floor and needing to keep my blinds closed so over the years I’ve tried numerous ways to improve the lighting in my makeup area. My last set up using two lamps and daylight bulbs has been pretty good to me but sometimes when taking pictures they lean a bit too cool or sometimes too warm and need to be adjusted in Photoshop which is a pain. My savior? GE Reveal Bulbs.


The GE Reveal bulbs provides crisp, bright white light that enhances colors and helps my makeup to photograph true to tone, no more yellow overcast. The bulbs are also very energy-efficient lasting more than a decade based on three hours of use each day.


My old incandescent bulb (left), GE Reveal bulb (right)

So to make over my beauty area I added a floor lamp and switched out the brightest (top) bulb setting with my GE Reveal bulb and put one of my day light bulbs in the extra lamp shade, and one in my overhead clamp lamp. Here is a comparison of the incandescent bulb (left) to the GE Reveal bulb (right)…

improve the lighting in your makeup area

As you can see the incandescent soft white bulb on the left emits yellow light which is no good for applying makeup and will alter the colors in photographs. It also appears to be very dull. The GE Reveal bulb on the right emits pure white light which appears brighter and helps everything to photograph more true to color.


Here is my set up with the GE Reveal bulb and my daylight white bulbs taken at night time, with no natural light coming in. When doing my makeup I can see everything very clearly and what I see in my mirror is what I see when I get outside. Here is a picture of my makeup taken with my new lighting setup…


It’s nice and bright and most importantly true to color without using Photoshop!

You can find GE Reveal Bulbs at retailers such as Home Depot, Target, TrueValue, Ace Hardware and Walmart, among others, with the new LEDs only available at participating Home Depot and Target locations and online. To learn more about GE reveal bulbs visit

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  1. This info is gangsta! I went out a brought some Reveal bulbs. Such a big difference. i so need that pure white light. Thank you for such a wonderful thoughtful helpful post

  2. I keep Reveal lights in my bathroom so I see the “realness” first thing in the morning after I apply my makeup and as a “last check” before I go out into the real world. It definitely helps.

  3. I love your site !!!!! Your makeup looks are beautiful. I love how you list every product that you use in great detail !!!! Great site !!!!!

  4. Girl, you are so on point with this lighting post. After doing my makeup, I take a picture by the window to get the natural light so I can see if everything is blended well, but, I never thought about changing my light bulbs.

    1. Yes girl. I suggest using day light bulbs in the area where you do your makeup to get more natural looking light and see colors accurately.

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