Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover, Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara Review

How sexy is this tube that houses the Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara? What a way to wow them in with packaging. Does it perform as sexy as it looks? Read on.

Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara

How sexy is this crystal-studded tube that houses Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara? What a way to wow them in with packaging. When I pulled this beauty out of my bag from TMS NYC I was blown away. The packaging is so pretty that I didn’t want to use it so it’s been sitting on my desk for a few weeks so I can stare at it in awe everyday lol.


Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara

Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara boasts as being a rich black smudge proof mascara that won’t smear, melt or flake as it defines the eye. The paraben free formula uses tubed-technology to coat the lashes while the addition of beeswax keeps the lashes soft resulting in a ” high volume and a “Va Va Voom” look as it conditions, thickens, separates & lengthens!” Does the mascara perform as sexy as it looks? Read on…

Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara

It’s nice to see a normal sized brush as it seems the mascaras these days have brushes almost the size of my eye itself. Ok I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean. The smaller bristles makes it easy to apply mascara on even the tiniest of lashes. Now let’s see how it performs. Here are my bare lashes…


One Coat of Divino Lash…

Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara one coat

Two coats of Divino Lash…

"Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara two coats

There is not such a big difference and it’s surely not “Va Va Voom”. My lashes just look darker and slightly fuller but in no way longer. Also during the day the little fibers fall off and leave a mess under the eyes, not sexy. The Cattiva Divino Lash Mascara looks promising but as they say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Keep your $24 and head on over to your local Target to pick up three new drugstore brand mascaras that will perform better. I’m sure that won’t be too hard.

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