Oh No, Milani Smooth Finish Cream-To-Powder Foundation is Definitely a Miss in My Book

I figured that the Milani Smooth Finish Cream-To-Powder Foundation wouldn't work for me because in the pan it looks very thick and greasy. I was right!

Milani Smooth Finish Cream-To-Powder Foundation in Warm Spice

First things first, this is my first time trying a cream to powder formula foundation and I am so not impressed. I was a powder girl and switched to liquid foundation a few years back and now I use both depending on the mood of my skin or the occasion. I typically don’t use cream foundations as I have combination/oily skin and thought that creams would be too heavy and make me look like a hot a$$ greasy mess. At first glance I figured that this foundation wouldn’t work for me because in the pan it looks very thick and greasy but I try not to judge a book by its cover. Well in this case I was somewhat right.


The foundation comes in Milani’s signature gold compact and has a hidden compartment under the foundation which holds a sponge that applies the foundation pretty well. Shade 11 Warm Spice which is one of the latest shades added to the line up fits my complexion pretty well. That is where the positives end.

Milani Smooth Finish Cream-To-Powder Foundation Warm Spice Swatch


Milani Smooth Finish Cream-To-Powder Foundation claims to be a lightweight formula that covers flawlessly, hiding imperfections and evening out skin tone. It is supposed to glide on like a cream and dry down to a natural matte powder finish. All of this sounds very promising but this is not how it performs at all. Firstly, although oil-free it feels slightly greasy when applied to the skin. It is indeed lightweight but you have to pile on so much to cover even the slightest blemishes and try to blend that it becomes very heavy and begins to look caked, then starts to sink into fine lines. This is not a pretty look at all. It has a light fragrance which kind of reminds me of coconut hair grease that lingers and is pretty annoying. The foundation sits on top of the skin showing every flake, dry patch and pore. No matter how much I tried to blend it just moves around and does not blend in. Whether I use the included sponge to press it in or a flat top brush to buff it in, primer or none… It just doesn’t work.  For those with dry skin I can see this being even more of a disaster. Here is the foundation with a light layer applied over just moisturizer using the enclosed sponge, from far it doesn’t look so bad but you can see it sitting in the lines under my eyes…


I was attempting to try one last time while doing my makeup for work and applied over well moisturized and primed skin with a flat top brush, buffing it in…



You can actually see the foundation sitting on top of my skin and you can really see it in my cheek area and under my eyes. When I went to wipe it off with a paper towel, it came off effortlessly. This proves that it was just sitting there not sinking or blending in and would probably transfer onto anything you wear.

The Milani Smooth Finish Cream-To-Powder foundation gets a big thumbs down in my book and will be going straight into the trash. Don’t waste your money!
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  1. Soooooo glad to see this review! A lot of times we see the initial review, but don’t hear back after time to see how it really is. I follow some bloggers who never have anything bad to say about products they were sent to review.

      1. In MAC you may want to try NC50. If you click on the foundations tag at the bottom of the post it will take you to all of the foundations that I’ve reviewed and use

  2. Also can you do a post on the different foundations you have? I’m darskinned with a yellow undertone and I’m finding a really hard time finding drugstore makeup to fit me. I have Nars Sheer Matte in Trinidad, but I want to branch out. I gave up on MAC because they always try to give me NW45 and I end up looking a hot mess!

    1. Sorry, I meant different foundations and undertones. It’s really tricky trying to figure that out.

  3. So happy I am not the only one that doesn’t like this foundation. On the other hand, it looks matte and so much better on your skin, as compared to trying it on mines. I do agree with everything you said about it.

    1. Lol Glad to hear I’m not crazy. It doesn’t look so bad in the pics that’s why I tried to get as close as possible but in real life it looks terrible!

  4. Thank you for your candor Erica. There are some vloggers who “like EVERYTHING”. It makes it a challenge to know whom you can trust. We value your honesty despite the items having been sent ti you for review.

    1. No problem at all Sha. If I don’t like something I will make that clear whether it was sent to me or purchased by me. When reviewing products you should always be honest or what’s the point of doing reviews?!

  5. Your so freakin Beautiful im a teenager so i dont wear foundation but thnx for your review still what is that nude lip color you have on? You look amazing without makeup on even with that Milani foundation

  6. I am 52 with oily skin and dry skin. I just ran out of my cream to powder foundation and i am going to buy more. It goes on wonderful and lasts all day. Does not settle in my lines and doesn’t look caked on. I love it

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