Ready, Set, GLO! Sleek MakeUp Bronze Baby Glo Face & Body Highlighter Swatches & Review

The Sleek MakeUp Bronze Baby GLO Face & Body Highlighter has had a makeover, totally new packaging making it easier to toss into your beach bag.

Sleek Glo Highlighter Bronze Baby

Sleek MakeUp’s GLO Face & Body Highlighter has had a makeover, totally new packaging making it easier to toss into your beach bag. Available in 3 shades, Peach Shimmer, Bronze Baby and Gold Digga, each palette is packed with 5 complimentary glowing strips of powder which can be applied to the face and body to give the skin a shimmering, naturally glowing and sunkissed look.Perfect for Summer! The Bronze Baby palette features shades to compliment a multitude of skintones from light to dark, cool to warm.  It is pretty neutral but leans slightly warmer. You can use the shades individually for diverse looks (it’s pretty easy when using a fan brush) or you can blend them together. When used together, the shades merge to form a beautiful bronze glow.

The first 5 swatches are of the separate strips from top to bottom, the last swatch is all of the shades blended together. Bronze Baby is the perfect choice for my complexion, especially when I am tanned. As I mentioned earlier, it gives the perfect bronzed glow to the skin. Check it out on…

Sunlight (applied to cheekbone)

Indoors with slight flash

To use, simply sweep a blush brush along the strips and shake off the excess or swipe on your hand to remove excess. Although the powder is light and blendable I highly suggest applying lightly and building up as necessary to avoid looking like a disco ball. The first time that I used it, I applied too much and my boyfriend kept trying to wipe “something” off of my face. If it’s so heavy that it looks like something is on, then it’s too much. The Glo Face & Body Highlighter can also be used to highlight the brow bones, collarbone and shoulders. Yes, you can glow all over! It stayed on throughout my entire work day and after coming home more than 8 hrs later I could still see it. Not as much as when first applied but my skin still had a glow to it. I have a large selection of highlighters but I can see Bronze Baby becoming one of my faves.

Retails at $10 for 0.29 oz, similar products such as the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks retail at almost 4x the cost. Even with shipping Glo is still cheaper and works just as well. Purchase at

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  1. Hi…I absolutely love your eyebrows…mine are so unruly. I have been using the Anastasia Eyebrow Kit and eyebrow pencil and they still are not as neat as yours. Heeeeelllpp! 😀 How can I get mine to look neat and beautiful like yours?!?!

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