MAC Ruby Woo & A Dupe from the Drugstore

MAC Ruby Woo is considered by many to be the holy grail red lipstick. The red of reds. Guess what? I found a dupe at the drugstore.

MAC Ruby Woo on Dark Skin

MAC Ruby Woo is considered by many to be the holy grail red lipstick. A bright red matte with blue undertones. I have a love/ hate relationship with it. I love the color but hate the matte formula. It is extremely drying, I mean make your lips peel drying. For that reason I don’t wear it much but I decided to pull it out and take it for a spin.

Products Used


Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Shine Control Primer
Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Cappuccino mixed w/ NARS Orgasm Illuminator
Ben Nye Neutral Set Setting Powder


MAC Raizin Blush
Sleek Contour Kit in Dark to Contour
NARS Albatross Blush to Highlight


Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in 77 Matte Black on upper lash line & waterline
MAC False Lashes Mascara in Extreme Black
Wet ‘n Wild ultimate Brow Kit in Ash & MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW45 to define brows


Smithโ€™s Rosebud Salve
NYX Hot Red Lipliner
MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Review

I have seen Ruby Woo worn on many different skin tones and I believe it will work on anyone, especially if you have cool undertones in your skin. I have warm undertones and it still works for me. Brown-skinned beauties who are afraid of red lips, stop being afraid… this will work for you! It pairs perfectly with NYX Hot Red lipliner.ย  I always put on a lipbalm first to combat the dryness some, and if you have dry patches you should use a lip scrub first or they will show through.

Available at MAC Cosmetics $14.50. But I’ve got a dupe for you and it will only cost about $2.99, Wet ‘n Wild Megalast Lipstick in 911D Stoplight Red

MAC Ruby Woo Dupe

Ruby Woo, Stoplight Red

Stoplight Red is also a matte and the perfect dupe for MAC Ruby Woo, but it is a bit more moisturizing. I actually like it better.

Do you own MAC Ruby Woo?

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  1. Everyone hails Ruby Woo as the best red ever. It looks beautiful on you!

    I feel that I have so many reds that look just like this color. I don’t see the purpose in purchasing it and I was definitely thinking the same thing when you said W&W Stoplight Red is a dupe.

    1. Thank you. The only dupe that I have personally is Stoplight Red and I reach for it way more. I definitely suggest Stoplight Red over Ruby Woo, but I still have to give Ruby Woo props where it’s due. It’s gorgeous!

  2. Hmm great post cus just this week i was contemplating about gettin my first red lipstick and i have seen everyone talking about MAC Ruby Woo

  3. I love the way it looks on you. You must condition and moisturize your lips very well…with the seasons changing in all. How often do you use a lip scrub? I too am a brown skin beauty and I’ve been debating the color RED for years and years. With the way it looks on you, I’m definitely going to try the Spotlight Red. Thanks<3

    1. No problem and thank you. I have to admit that I don’t use a lip scrub nearly enough. I have a mechanical toothbrush though and I go over my lips lightly with it or sometimes my Clarisonic. When I do use a lip scrub, I usually make it with brown sugar and olive oil.

  4. This color looks beautiful on you.. I’ve been looking for a red lip color and think I will try the Wet n wild version. I am like u.. I can’t have dry lips, mine are too big to be dry… Lol.. Luv the complete makeup look very classy and chic

    1. Thank you and lol @lips too big to be dry, I totally feel you on this. I don’t have the smallest lips in the world either and matte/dry lippies draw more attn for some reason smh

  5. I have both of them too. I like Stoplight better because Ruby Woo is hella dry. I usually use Ruby then put Spotlight over it. Plus Spotlight feels so much better on my lips.

    1. Stoplight Red really does feel better and it is just as long wearing. Lasts really long without touch ups and leaves a slight stain.

  6. I do agree that this lipstick is super drying but I just LOVE how beautiful it looks once is on. I usually put on a little bit of lip balm on before applying it and it works for me. But I will have to go check out your other suggestion : )

    1. You are so right. While wearing it yesterday, I did a nice scrub of the lips during lunch then reapplied my rosebud salve and let it soak in, applied my lipliner and then more rosebud… then applied Ruby Woo and I had no more problems for the rest of the day. My lips are super smooth today and not peeling as usual.

  7. I tried ruby woo awhile back. I felt like it was saying “hi I am lips!” the reddest I have is Rebel. Maybe I’ll try the WnW next time rite aid has a sale.

    1. I just almost choked on my apple laughing at your comment lol. It’s definitely a bright bold red for the brave, I love it. Try the Wet ‘n Wild, it is just as bright though.

  8. I love how you do your makeup and i’m always using your recommendations. I’m wondering if you ever feature guest blogger post? I would love to have more followers.

    1. Thank you so much and I am glad that my recommendations work for you. I currently feature guest reviews and I am working on broadening the features a bit. Shoot me an email so we can work something out!

  9. Ok, this lip it cute. I am so happy to see this review on this lipstick because I was about to go out and purchase it, but I am not a fan of drying lipsticks.

  10. GORG! & thanks for the honest advice on the *peeling* alot of my lipsticks give my lips a peel. What I’ve found that helps me personally is applying a little chapstick/carmex prior to putting the lipstick on if I don’t do that within a couple of hours my lips are sooo dry! LUV THIS LOOK MZ MORE!! HAUTE!

  11. Yes I own it! And I actually looove the matte look of this lipstick. I think that’s what makes it look so good on me. It’s not drying on the lips if u use a good moisture b4 applying it. I used VS cherry bomb n that was too glossy and added a sheen to the lipstick after I applied it. It didn’t look bad but since I like the matte look I wasn’t pleased. I now use EOS lip balm in sweet mint and it’s perfect. I pair It w MAC Brick liner and it looks divine!

    1. I used to love the smell of VS Cherry Bomb. You just made me remember how much I love the EOS Balm. I am going to have to try the mint. Thanks girl!

  12. I love Ruby Woo. It is one of my favorite lipsticks. I agree it is drying. I usually put on lip balm also before applying. I put just enough to not have chapped lips. I actually like the matte finish as long as it doesn’t look chapped. I love your entire look, it looks fabulous!

    1. Thank you. I agree matte lipsticks look gorgeous as long as your lips are smooth. If they are chapped you can forget about it. Every dry patch and wrinkle will show through. No bueno.

  13. Why am I just stumbling on your blog??!!? Love it and just added it to my reader! Your makeup is fab so now I gotta find you on instagram too ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. I just wanted to say thank you!!!! I am 28 and finally found a red I can wear!! And for so cheap! I love spotlight red! Tips like this are truly genius!

  15. NYX has a beautiful dupe for Ruby Woo called soft matte lip cream in ” Monte Carlo.” It is a matte lipstick but it goes on a lot smoother then Ruby Woo. Several people have approached me asking if it was Ruby Woo bc the two colors are so identical. It’s definitely attention grabbing so be prepared to get stopped constantly!!! Smooches and happy new year!

  16. My daughter convinced me to buy this lipstick. I did it reluctantly, but every time i wear this people tell me how nice i look. Men,women and children love this lipstick!

  17. thanks for the swatch!! going to try it but definitely pick up the wet n wild — much more affordable and sensible for someone who doesn’t really wear lipstick!

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