Sleek Makeup Brow Kit: Better Than My Beloved Wet ‘n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit?

The Sleek Brow Kit did an awesome job of filling in my brows, but is it better than my current holy grail brow kit, the Wet 'n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit?

Bold brows are hot for Fall and unfortunately my sparse brows do not make the cut, so a brow kit is a necessity for me. Sleek recently launched their brow kit which comes in 2 shades, Light and Dark.

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit

Each kit contains a tinted brow wax with a brow powder in a complimentary shade, a mini tweezer and 2 mini brushes, an angled and a shader. It also has a mirror in the lid making it easy to do your brows on the go. I received the brow kit in Dark.

The shades in the Dark kit are a nice dark brown with a tinge of red which is perfect to fill in my brows while keeping them looking natural and not too harsh.

The instructions are brief and right to the point. I followed the instructions and used the tweezer to remove any stray hairs. It was very precise and I had no problems. I then used the angled brush to shape my brows with the tinted wax and found the angled brush to be a little too soft and thin. The blending brush was also too soft but served it’s purpose. I used concealer to clean up my brows after I shaped them and here are my results…



The Sleek Brow Kit did an awesome job of filling in my brows while keeping them looking natural. The wax has a gel like texture and was not greasy at all, and my brows stayed in place all day. I am extremely happy with the results… but is it better than my current holy grail brow kit, the Wet ‘n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in Ash?

The Wet ‘n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit also comes in 2 shades and I use the darkest, Ash. The kit contains a clear brow wax and and 2 different shades of brow powder, a mini tweezer and a mini angled brush. It also has a slide out mirror on the side. Both shades of powder are different from the brown in the Sleek Kit as they are deeper and more true brown without the red undertones. I use the darker shade as it matches my natural brows perfectly. The shades are also great to use as eyeshadows to darken the crease and outer v. The wax is a little thicker and more wax like in texture than the wax in the Sleek Kit, but still not greasy. You pretty much use this kit in the same manner as the Sleek Kit. The tweezers are very precise and removes even the hardest to reach hairs. Although the brow gel is not tinted, it still does a great job at defining my brows and holding them in place all day. The angled brush is very dense allowing me to place the powder precisely where I need it. I did not do a before and after as I use this kit in almost all of my looks posted on the site.

So which is better?

I like the fact that the Sleek Brow Kit comes with a tinted gel for further coverage but the brushes are kind of useless to me as the angled brush is too soft and the blending brush does what I can do with a better angled brush. I really like the tweezers though.

I like the fact that the Wet n’ Wild Ultimate Brow Kit comes with 2 shades although one is of no use to me for my brows as it is too light, but it makes a great eyeshadow. The angled brush works really well and I love the tweezers.

Bottom line, both are great kits with their own pros and cons but here is the tiebreaker… The Sleek Kit retails for $9.99 plus $10 shipping & handling while the Wet ‘n Wild Kit retails for $3.99 and is available locally in my nearest drugstore, or can be purchased online with $5.99 shipping. So with no further explanation necessary, my Wet ‘n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit is still my holy grail and the better kit for me. However, I will use my Sleek Brow Kit as well until it runs out because I am definitely impressed with the performance.

Sleek Brow Kit $9.99

Wet ‘n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit $3.99

The Sleek product(s) in this post was provided for review. See my Disclosure page for additional information.


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  1. Just wanted to comment saying thanks for the thorough review. When I first heard about this product, I was really excited and up for it, and then after the release date I realised that it was only available in light and dark. I wasn’t seeing many preliminary swatches on someone near my skintone so feared that it’d be too light, but seeing it on you and in action on your brows has helped me make up my mind that it’s a good investment! I totally understand about the Wet ‘N’ Wild being more available in your area. It’s the opposite for me – can’t find Wet ‘N’ Wild but don’t have to look far to find Sleek! So I think I’ll be purchasing it. Thanks again!

    1. No problem and I am glad that my review could help you. Definitely get it as it is a great investment and does a wonderful job. It will be used in rotation with my other brow kit. It just won’t replace it as the Wet ‘n Wild kit does just as good of a job at less than half the cost. I so wish Sleek was available locally though!

      1. I still think their international shipping fees are outrageous, personally, so I’m glad I don’t have to pay those but I feel for those that do :/ I wonder if a US expansion is on the cards any time soon? They’ve already gone to a few Sephoras in Europe so I’m thinking out of the continent is the next logical step. As to when that’ll happen, I don’t know!

        1. The shipping is very high so I usually order only when I have a very large order or when there is a free shipping promotion. I know the brand has been working on U.S. expansion, but I don’t know exactly when that is going to happen. I hope soon because I love the brand.

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