Product Rave | NYX Orange Lip Liner Pencil

NYX Orange Lip Liner has been my go to all Summer. It's versatility allows me to pair it with Orange, Orange Red and a few Red-toned Coral lippies.

NYX Orange Lip Liner has been my go to lip liner all Summer. It is the perfect shade of Orange Red and it’s versatility allows me to pair it with all of my Orange, Orange Red and a few Red toned Coral lippies including MAC Morange, OCC Beta, Revlon Colorburst Coral, Inglot Gel Lipstick #43 and Sleek OMG.

"NYX Orange Lip Liner Pencil"

Check it out worn with MAC Morange…

You can see it paired with Sleek OMG here.

Best of all it cost less than $2… my best makeup investment this Summer! You can purchase it from Cherry Culture for $1.75. If you are in NYC, Beauty 35 on W 35th St. & 8th Ave. has it for $1.99. Ohhh… and while you are at it, the Fuchsia pencil goes perfect with MAC Girl About Town and Spitfire lippies! 😉

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  1. I am going to get this ASAP. I was gonna buy Makeup Forever’s orange lip pencil which is great but $2 instead of $18…I’ve made my choice. I was so surprised MAC didn’t have a good orange lip pencil.

    I want you to check out Kat Von D orange lipstick. It’s called A-go-go. You’ll love it.

    1. $2 definitely beats $18 in this case. I use NYX lip liners in my kit as well, they are great and have a good array of colors. I am surprised at MAC too …but giving NYX a round of applause!

      I just looked up Kat Von D A-go-go, its gorgeous. I need that in my life. I am obsessed with orange lippies and haven’t tried any Kat Von D products yet. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. WOW! I might have to puchase the NYX Orange lip liner someday and I do agree with you about Fuchsia! I have used it with Candy Yum Yum and loved it!

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