Fresh Haircut

I've been maintaining my haircut at home ever since I got my hair cut off almost a year ago. I relax, cut and color my hair myself.

Self Haircut

I’ve been maintaining my haircut at home ever since I got my hair cut off almost a year ago. I relax, cut and color my hair myself. This works out best for me since I know the style that I am trying to achieve. I gave myself a fresh relaxer and haircut last night and this is how it came out.

Self Haircut

I used Mizani Butter Blends Rhelaxer and since my hair was super dry, I deep conditioned with heat using my Megatek Mix. My hair came out super shiny and silky. I hadn’t trimmed the back in a few weeks so I took off a 1/2 inch and lined it up a bit, and swept my ends in the front.

Do you do your haircut at home or do you go to the salon?

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  1. Love the new do! Doesnt it feel good when you have a fresh cut & relaxer!!! I know I do!

    I do mine myself as well. As a matter of fact, I’m doing mine today.


    1. Thank you and yes it does. When my hair is freshly done it brightens up my whole face and attitude, giving me some extra pep in my step lol

      Your hair is always fly girl. Isn’t it so cool doing your own hair… More money for makeup and shoes 🙂

  2. I love your hair! You did a good job on the cut. I perm, cut, and color my own hair as well. It’s cheaper and I can do it better because I know what I want. I’m doing mines tomorrow.

  3. I go to the salon for only on special occasions and to get a cut. I maintain at home in between salon visits and do my own relaxers.

    Your cut is so cute! I wish I could do that part at home too.

  4. I’m an at home girl for near enough EVERYTHING. I trim my own hair, colour it too well the colour when I can be bothered lol right now I’m growing out my colour.

    Your hair looks fantastic, I wish I was brave to go for a big chop

    1. Thanks mama. I only do semi-permanent color these days. I have bleach and dye horror stories for days lol.

      I am wearing bluest black now but I may do burgundy for the fall to switch it up.

  5. when i decided to grow my hair long and joined a few hair boards that’s when i took my hair into my own control… i stopped going to beauticians, saved money and grew my hair to midback going on waistlength… now that my hair is really long i would never step foot in a beauty shop… no one can take care of my silk tresses like i can!

    1. I hear you girl. You know what works best for your hair. I feel as if the salon is good if you want a style and can’t do it yourself, but as far as taking care of hair sometimes they use the one method fits all approach or they are too scissor happy.

  6. girl you are so talented you cook do makeup and hair i wish i was you lol. you rock! I love the hair by the way.

    1. Thanks girl. I am super greedy so I have to know how to cook lol… But all jokes aside, I try to stay pretty well rounded. When I am interested in something I just keep at it until I finally get it. I started doing hair when I was 12, starting with my own. So I mastered how to do my own hair first. 🙂

  7. Love your hair…. I always wanted to try a short hairdo but scared. I do my relaxer and pretty much any other hairdo at home, my mom does the perm/relaxer for me though. The best part is I love clipping my hair myself but you tremendously bold in using the shears because I would think you went to a professional… lol!!

    1. Thanks hon. You can always try a short wig or weave to experiment. 🙂

      Trust me, I’ve had to practice a lot to learn the clippers and cutting my son’s hair for the past few yrs helped a lot. The first time I had a short cut back when I was 21, I jacked up my hairline in the back trying to shape it up lol

  8. I can do my hair at home when it’s long, but for a shortcut I need to be at the shop every 2 weeks. That’s the only thing stopping me from cutting my hair again. I’m so jealous! Your hair is gorgeous!

  9. I love it! I WISH I knew how to do my own hair as well as a Hair Stylist. I usually wear my hair pretty simple, but I just prefer how a prfessional stylist does it. When I do it myself, its just not that cute. I guess I need to practice. You do a FAB job! I could NEVER perm or CUT my hair on my own. You do it like the pros! Good Job!

    7eventh Letter

    1. Thank you. The relaxing part is easy, definitely since my hair is so short.

      It’s all good that you get your hair done at the salon if that is what works for you. As long as you are looking good and keeping it done! 🙂

  10. Yes I’m of the short hair club too!!! But I truly tried at relaxing my hair for the first time for bout 3wks ago and it went pretty well. I just need to get accustomed to doing it more. On the other hand, I will not trust myself to cut my own hair at all, so this morning I will be visiting my hairstylist for those needs. My stylist has even fussed at me about not doing anything to my hair when I can’t come into the shop, so that will be something I will be doing more of.

    1. The relaxer is sometimes the most expensive service so even if you just do that part you are saving big. It will get easier over time.

  11. Wow girl you did an awesome job! Your hair looks like butta… Im trying to grow my cut out too so just been wearing half wigs and sew in but Im going to need a cut very soon wow.. what hair color do you use?

  12. U look absolutely gorgeous hun,love the haircut. U r so talented!!!I do my hair myself
    Most times I only go to the salon for weavea&braids

  13. Girl you do a fabulous job!

    I curl my hair myself. I usually only get it cut every 2-3 months. I like it short and I like the growing out stage, before it gets to crazy. lol.

    I wish I could cut it myself! It would be on then!

    1. I like the growing out stage too and finding different ways to style it. Then I get the fresh cut and start all over again! 🙂

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