Hair Growth Journey | Mega Tek Challenge

Mega Tek is a growth aid originally formulated for horses, but it's supposed to work wonders on human hair as well. So I'm taking the Mega Tek Challenge.
Mega Tek Challenge
Mega Tek is a hair growth aid that I’ve been hearing about for some time now on hair care boards such as Black Hair Media and Long Hair Care Forum. I’ve been wanting to try this product but was skeptical. However, after seeing Yinka from Vex in the City’s results, I was totally sold and ordered me a bottle.

What is Mega Tek?

Mega Tek is a growth aid originally formulated for horses, but has been tested and approved for human use. This product stimulates and promotes rapid hair growth without the use of synthetic polymers, oils, or petroleum based products. Mega Tek strengthens and accelerates hair regrowth and gives the appearance of longer, stronger and healthier hair 10% to 50% faster.

Deionized water, hydrolyzed keratin protein (HU), stearalkonium chloride, glyceryl stearate, peg 100 stearate (DI), marine protein (DI), peg 40 (no castor oil), panthenol, dimethicone copolyol (the one cone), magnesium citrate (DI), allantoin (DI), amino acids (DI), methylparaben, mucopolysaccharides (DI), polyparaben, imidazolidinyl urea (DI), fragrance
DI = Different ingredient AND HU = Higher up on the list (Compared to Ovation Cell Therapy)

*Source: EQyss website http://

Since some woman are quite uncomfortable putting a product in their hair formulated for horses, the company (EQyss) created a product called Ovation Cell Therapy which is the equivalent of Mega Tek but formulated for human hair use. The product costs double the amount of Mega Tek and has the same ingredients so I chose to use Mega Tek instead.

When using Mega Tek, most women create a mix since Mega Tek is very high in protein which can cause breakage due to dryness. You need to balance out the product with products that are moisturizing  to combat the breakage. I decided to mix my Mega Tek with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and 100% Vegetable Glycerin. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is  useful in combating breakage, shedding, dryness and dandruff (etc). Glycerin acts as a moisturizing agent and draws water from humid air to moisturize your hair. You can also use Mega Tek alone directly on the scalp or use it as a deep conditioning treatment and rinse out. Just remember, moisture is very important to balance out the protein.

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil Mega Tek Challenge

In a 4 ounce applicator squeeze bottle, I mixed a little more than 3 ounces of Mega Tek, a 1/2 oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil (3 tspns) and a 1/3 ounce Glycerin (2 tspns).


I started using my mix about 2 weeks ago, applying only on the scalp 2x a week and I’ve been noticing growth already. My new growth has been coming in very fast and thick, and it was becoming a bit hard to manage while having my hair out. So I decided to braid my hair back up and put another install in. I did snap a few pics beforehand to serve as a starting point for my growth…

Excuse my frizzy hair. I blew it out just a little and left it damp since I braid up my hair while still damp.

Here is a snapshot for a starting point for my bangs. Excuse the smudged eyeliner. I washed my hair with makeup on and of course rubbed my eyes. Also, here’s my new growth before braiding up my hair. I plan to leave this install in for about 6-8 weeks and will do an update when I take it down.

Due to the high protein levels in Mega Tek, a lot of people have reported excess hair shedding. Garlic is said to be useful with stopping shedding so since I have been using the Mega Tek, I take a 500 mg capsule of Deodorized Garlic daily. Biotin is also supposed to be useful in hair growth as it speeds up the process, increases the elasticity of the hair’s cortex preventing breakage, and thickens the hair cuticle. Therefore, I am also taking  a 1 mg capsule of Biotin daily.

I purchased my Mega Tek from and it is currently $23.70 USD. You can check here for coupon codes. I will update you guys with my progress in about 6-8 weeks.

*You can see the update on my journey here). Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. I am using MT, again, and have used it every day straight for the last month, with no results. So after doing some research, I decided to do what you did, and mix it with castor oil (Home Health) and I have glycerin already here.

    I look forward to seeing your updated pics.

    1. I would love to hear how it works out for you with the castor oil and glycerin added. I’ve been getting a lot of new growth but haven’t done a growth check yet. I plan to take down my current install and give my self a touch up at the end of this month, and I’ll give everyone an update then.

    1. Hey hon…In a 4 ounce applicator squeeze bottle, I mixed a little more than 3 ounces of Mega Tek, a 1/2 oz Jamaican Black Castor Oil (3 tspns) and a 1/3 ounce Glycerin (2 tspns) Hope that helps.

  2. healther hair can be achieved by taking hair vitamins like Biotin. I take lots of biotin to have healthy hair.

  3. I dont usually make comments but I was so impress with your well thought out research and website posting and actually showing pictures of products and showing why balance was needed comparing to all those others I've read and just want to thank you personally which caused be to make a better educated decision. Pls continue with yr wonderful research and be blessed.

  4. Thank you so much for your information. I have been doing research and was sooooo pleased to find this site with actual helpful info. I have ordered megatek and will mix it just as you instructed . Thank you so much!

  5. Thanks for the info, so informative yet so simply put. Im a beginner and it helps alot. I've been looking at a lot of sites lately in an attyemp to take my hair back from the damage monster. I've sen so much on JBCO, MT, MN, Africa Best Oil and other various oils, along with sulphur. Do I just add them all together in a bottle and use everynight, especially on my temples (no more box braids for me!)? Getting a sew-in to rock til I get my hair back on track? Any help for me…

    1. Hey there. First of all, you should pick a few at a time to use. I would not use MT and MN together as I feel its too much. Try choosing one or the other for starters. If you try the MT, you can add JBCO with 1 or 2 essential oils. A lot of ppl mix MN with Sulfer and 1 essentail oil like Peppermint. Secondly, I wouldn't use it every night. I say every other night or at least 3 times a week. You don't want to overdo it. Hope that helps.

  6. With the MegaTek, do you leave it in or do you rinse it out? How, exactly, do you apply it? (do you apply like you would normally grease your scalp?) Do you pre-oil withthe JBCO first then apply MegaTek? How often do you wash the hair if you are using it 3 times a week? Just getting started…

    1. You can use it as a deep conditioner and rinse it out, or make a moisturizing mix and leave in. I use it as a moisturizer mixed with JBCO and Glycerin in a squeeze tube to my scalp. If you are using it 3 times a week you should wash your hair at least once a week to prevent buildup. Hope that helps and let me know if you have anymore questions.

      1. Thnx Mzmore– I will be starting my MT journey tomorrow, as soon as I pick up some glycerin and my vitamin E. I will keep you posted.

    1. If you search under megatek, you will find my results after 2 months which was decent. I\’ve since cut my hair short and only use megatek occasionally as I don\’t want my hair growing out too fast. Good luck! 🙂

  7. I started using Mega Tek twice a week a few weeks ago; I take biotin and garlic pills as well. I have noticed less shedding
    but not much thickening yet. I have curly semi-corse Middle
    Eastern hair and do not have to use any oils, just a little
    conditioner. This is what I would recommend for white people.
    My regimen: apply to dry scalp and wait several hours before washing my hair. Will keep all posted. gz

  8. I am about to purchase the MT and JBCO to use for the mix you have suggested but I was wondering what shampoo and conditioner you are using. MT has a a shampoo and creme conditioner but I am not sure if it would good for human hair.

    1. At the time I was using my usual shamp & cond. It has been a while so I am not 100% but I believe it was Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. I think all of the Megatek products are safe for humans, but I wouldn’t use the shamp & cond on top of the cond treatment. That may be protein overload. You can use your usual products just make sure that they are moisturizing to counteract the protein in Megatek.

  9. I have been using MegaTek for over a month now and have not seen any results; I am going to try Saw Palmetto which has been shown to decrease testosterone production, a hormone which can lead to hair thinning in older women.

  10. Would you recommend the same mixture for white people. Not only is my hair very thinning, but my hair is very fine. What would you suggest?

    1. I would suggest the same mixture but not as a leave in, but as a deep conditioner with heat instead. The Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Glycerin can be a little heavy for thin, fine hair and will weight it down.

  11. I have been using MT for two weeks now. I also use some of the other products that EQYSS has, such as the Preimer conditioner and Survivor. I really like the products and have noticed that my hair has thickened. I do use oil on my hair such as Jamaican Black but I use MT everyday. I also wash my hair every-other-day. To keep the buildup away. You really need to know your hair to in order to use products correctly. My result are great. I use it straight out of the bottle (MT) and put it on my scalp. It keeps my hair straight, so much so, that I do need a touch-up, but I can go without one I am thinking another two weeks. Not sure but will try. Only because it is straightening my hair at the same time. So,,that being said, know your hair. Use what you need on your hair.

  12. Hi, I went to a local Tack Shop and purchased Mega-Tek and have been using it for nearly 2 months now. Actually 1 month/3 weeks/2 days and my hair has grown 1 1/2″ longer. That may not be considered a whole lot, but my hair generally grows only about 1/8″ per month. So for me that’s a major improvement. Like the article indicated Mega-Tek actually does help with the retention of growing hair. Whether or not it actually grows the hair, I’m not certain. For the first 3 days that I used it my hair shedded like crazy. And then every day after that I’ve noticed little to no shedding. I use it every single night and leave it in. I don’t wash it out the next morning. I only wash it out on my wash day which is one day per week. I only use about a nickel size on my entire scalp to avoid overload and then I massage for approximately 5 minutes. Then I wrap my hair for the evening. My hair loves protein so if I need a little extra protection on my ends I put a little Mega-Tek on the ends. I don’t care if it gets a little hard as it protects the ends that way. For now I’m a keeper until I no longer see the positive results. Oh yeah, I blow dry my hair after every shampoo, but before I blow dry I put Mega-Tek on my hair to strenghten it and it works perfectly since it’s so strong. Good luck to everyone!

  13. I started the Christmas break with MegaTek and noticed my edges are coming back within a month. I use it as a leave in conditioner and wash my hair once a week. My hair damage was the result of hair glue adn weaves for years. Now after years of damage and trying to figure out how to resolve this problem I see light at the end of the tunnel. I wear wigs when going out and left the hair glue in the garbage. Thanks for your suggestions on how to use these products.

  14. Hi, I was wondering if I need to take vitamins with megatek as I saw someone said that your hair can shed?

    1. I was taking biotin and garlic pills. Biotin is good for hair, skin and nails but it made me break out so be careful. Garlic is good for shedding. You can also wash your hair with an unscented garlic shampoo and conditioner. Hope that helps!

      1. I leave my hair in box braids but would still like to treat it. I’m not sure what type of hair I
        have but I think it’s pretty thin and I would like to make it thicker. I have a problem with thinning edges and was wondering if you think I could use this treatment for my edges and my hair while in box braids. I was also wondering what other oils you suggest would be good to mix with the MT. Would coconut oil or olive oils or other oils like that work as well? Also how can you stop shedding without taking vitamins since you said they made you break out. And being that my hair would mostlikely be braided since im in school and dont have time to do my hair on the regular, how should i apply the treatment. I thought it would make sense for me to use it as a leave in moisturizer, is this correct? Sorry for the overload of questions. I am new to treating my hair and would really appreciate the help.
        Thanx a lot.

        1. You should be able to use it with braids but sparingly to avoid too much build up. Just apply to the scalp. Maybe you can mix in some sweet almond oil for strength.

          The biotin caused breakouts, not the garlic. You can take the garlic tablets as they are very good for shedding. Hope that helps!

  15. I have been using MegaTek for almost two years and my hair is past my bra strap. Actually when in the shower and my head is tilted up it straightens out it is down to my waist. I have at least 19 inches of my own hair. My hair has never, ever been this long. MegaTek works.

  16. I purchased the MT and Jamaican castor oil and mixed it together in bottle. I have short natural hair, like babrbershop cut short but want my hair to grow back as fast as possible. I have a spot on top that is very thin (verrrrry) and its sorta bald but little hair is there. How often should I use the mixture? shoukd I deep condition after I wash out? I really want this to work. I also take biotin. Please offer some suggestions as I am at wits end wanting my hair back like it used to be……….

    1. You and use it every other day as a leave in treatment, concentrating on the spot. Then use once a week as a deep conditioning treatment with heat.

  17. i bought megatec for my hair side is fallin out to tight braids n weave..i hv li
    ing hairbut its not really hoping this works for me

  18. i was wondering if this product cAll ” Carols daughter ” works for thin hair and will it grow my edges back? hVe anyone use carols daughter product..and by the way my hair is natural never put any chemical but dye it..which ws a big mistake…bc i don’tnoe how to take care of color hair..any comments?

    1. Carols Daughter is an entire line of products. I am not sure which product you are referring to but I haven’t tried any do I can’t give my opinion.

  19. I just started using mega tek a month go but a little confuse about how to use it. I have bolt spots will using it as a conditional help? Also can this be use with other product such as Just Natural hair product?

  20. does anyone know if it can grow the hairline? mine is none existant! bold actually and i’m geting tired of trying everything!

  21. what would you recommend (or discourage) with dosages of mega-tek, 100% pure vegetable glycerin, tropic isle living jamaican black castor oil, and tropic isle living strong roots red pimento hair growth oil?

    would mixing both red pimento and jbco be bad? i’m a 23 year old latin male suffering from male pattern baldness (it runs in my dad’s side of the family. his father, his brothers, and his cousins… all bald). my hair is straight and short at the moment (about half an inch in length all around) i have no complete bald spots except a little circle where it’s very very thin (where the hair in the back of your head makes that vortex pattern). overall my hair is just thinning out a lot and it’s starting to become very noticeable.

    i did a lot of research and ended up with an assortment of products to nourish, balance, and maximize the effectiveness of this regimen. i’m thinking it will consist of the following: mega-tek rebuilder, JBCO, red pimento hair oil, 100% pure-veggie glycerin, 1mg biotin, (either deodorized garlic or 4000 allicin garlic)

    one important question regarding mega-tek. i live in so-cal and it’s basically impossible to find the original mega-tek formula, both online and in a shop. i did some research and it seems like they really just did update the label to reflect the international labeling standards. the labels are completely different, and if they made that drastic a change to their product you would figure they would promote that.

    i ordered the rebuilder (asking the seller prior to my purchase whether it was the original or new formula. he claimed it was the old one). well it turns out he lied to me and sent the new one. is the new formula really the old one with an updated label like they claim? and if not, is it still effective?

    1. I can’t give an opinion on all of these products that you have listed as I have no experience with them. I can however recommend the products in this post as they worked for me.

      I haven’t ordered Megatek in a long while as I still have some product in my original bottle. So I am unsure about the new formula. You can check to purchase.

  22. I need to know where you brough your Mega-tex because eveytime i buy it at Amazon the send the The NEW Mega-tex. I want to know the name you brough you.

    1. I haven’t purchased Mega Tek in a long time and it appears that the bottle has changed since then. The link to the site that I purchased from is in the post.

  23. I have been using Mega Tek in my hair as well as my daughters hair now for almost three weeks and have noticed increased thickness in our hair. I purchased it mainly to thicken our hair especially at the hair line. My hair is very thin in that area. Even though I have not noticed any increase in growth in that area of my hair, I have noticed growth in the rest of my hair and it’s only been three weeks. I mixed Mega Tek with the Jamaican Castor Oil and Glyerin as you suggested but had to add a little more of the oils and put it directly in our scalps every other day washing our hair every other week (We are Afro American). So far so good. Will give updates in another few weeks.

  24. I’m just seeing this re hair growth. I’m bad with taking care of my hair. I look back at pics where my hair was near my shoulder. Now, everytime I go to beautician my ends get clipped. I know they’re supposed to be, but my hair short everytime. It gets dry. There are times I’m so tired I don’t tie my hair up and I see my hair on the pillow due to shedding.

    1. It sounds like you need more moisture. Try hot oil treatments weekly with a wash or every 7-10 days and try to tie your hair no matter what with a silk scarf or satin. If you use cotton pillow cases it will draw all of the moisture out of your hair and make it extra dry

    1. Hi Aline. I was just doing a challenge to see of it worked. I still use it occasionally when my hair needs some extra TLC though!

  25. I am an older lady who is trying everyting to get my hair to grow long. I try to bi so much stuff but not sure if it’s working. I’m going to try to use this and see the outcome. Will keep y’all updated.

  26. Hi I just stayed using MT yesterday and I was wondering exactly how to use it. Do I wash my hair before applying MT? Do I wash it after Or just rinse it? My normal routine was to was my hair every other day since I think I get build up but sometimes it’s flaky n feels dry. Please help

    1. I used Megat Tek mixed with oils as a leave in moisturizing treatment. You can also use it alone directly on the scalp or use it as a deep conditioning treatment and rinse out.

  27. Thanks for sharing dis piece. I am a Nigerian, living in Nigeria. I have been having challenges with my edges as all d hair on my edges have fallen off. This mega tek sounds great and I am definitely going to try it on my hair! I checked for d product on horse lovers .com but they is no mega tek on their site. How do I get dis product?

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