New Spring Hairstyle

Check out my new Spring Hairstyle, a layered asymmetrical bob with side swept bangs. I secretly added tracks to my hair. Can you tell?

Spring Hairstyle Bob

Over the past few weeks my scalp has been extremely dry and itchy no matter how much I moisturized. I decided that it needed to get some air. Also, my forehead has been breaking out a bit and I believe my bangs are the culprit. As the weather warms, the oils from my bangs irritates my forehead, causing breakouts. So I decided to take a break from having my hair braided up and the bangs. To create this style I washed, deep conditioned and trimmed my natural hair. I then sewed in three tracks of hair to the bang area to create side swept bangs a little longer than my natural hair. I also added two tracks to the rest of my hair to add fullness, and cut the tracks even with my natural hair. Final result, a layered asymmetrical bob with side swept bangs… the perfect Spring Hairstyle.

Spring Hairstyle Asymmetrical Bob

I love my new Spring Hairstyle!


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