Inglot 5-Pan Round Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Review

I've been hearing so many rave reviews about Inglot, so while at IMATS I picked up a Inglot 5-Pan Round Eyeshadow Palette and a few other things.

I’ve been hearing so many rave reviews about Inglot and everyone’s swatches always look so magnificent… so while at IMATS yesterday, I picked up a few things including the Inglot 5-Pan Round Eyeshadow Palette.

Inglot has what you call the Freedom System where you can pick different products such as eyeshadows, lipsticks and concealers, and put them in a custom palette. The eyeshadows come in round and square pans, and you are able to create palettes of 2, 3, 5, 10 and 20 I believe. I decided to create a 5 pan round eyeshadow palette.

Inglot’s eyeshadows are held in the palettes by a strong magnetic base and the cover has 4 magnets, one in each corner to hold it on. To open the palette, you slide the cover to the bottom or top and off to the side. The eyeshadows are very snug in the palettes and in order to get them out you can use the magnetic top to pull them out. Any other way you risk damaging them. When you have more than one palette, the magnetic lids and bases hold them all together in a stack. I was going for a jewel- toned palette so here are some swatches of the shades that I selected…

Pearl 428– Deep blue pearl with a satiny finish

AMC 57–  Hunter Green with slight gold, green and blue glitter reflects

D.S. 458– Greyish taupe with fine multi-toned glitter reflects

D.S. 491– Purple with a cornflower blue base and fine multi-toned glitter reflects

AMC 74– Raspberry with slight silver glitter reflects

I am super impressed with Inglot shadows. They are very pigmented without too much shimmer, at least the finishes that I chose are. Although some may look  super sparkly in the pan, when swatched the sparkles are only slightly visible. I don’t like anything too frosty and sparkly on my eyes so this is a big plus. For reference, the round pans are the same size as MAC eyeshadows. However, I find that they are more pigmented than MAC shadows and less expensive as well. I think the palettes are too cute and really unique, however the shade selection is not… not too many colors that I haven’t seen before. Still, I definitely won’t  be a stranger to Inglot.

At IMATS I paid $19 for the 5-pan palette. The original price is $25 which is still a great price. In the USA, you can order Inglot from If you are in NYC there is an Inglot in Times Square and another in Chelsea Market. For other countries, here is a list of stores.

Rating: 5/5

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  1. gorgeous colors! I ended up getting the 20 square pan and the blush pan at the IMATS yeaterday..I waited in line for DAMN near 3 hours for was so aggrevating,how long did you wait? I figured it was worth it for 30% off

    1. I am kind of regretting not getting more shadows but I definitely don’t need it lol. Girl I did not wait longer than 20 minutes to get to the lippies and then I went to the Freedom station on the other side and got my palette right away. I refused to wait on that line, it was ridiculous. There was no order!

  2. Yesterday, I went to the Inglot Store on Times Square. It was fabulous. I purchased on the 5 Colored Eyeshadow Freedom Collections along with 2 of the gel liners. The customer service was excellent.

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