Urban Decay Naked Palette Swatches & Review

If you are thinking that the Urban Decay Naked Palette is your typical boring neutrals then you have it all wrong. Take a look inside...

I was secretly waiting for the Urban Decay Naked Palette to launch. I do not own any Urban Decay eyeshadows, and the shadow books of the past did not appeal to me, but when I saw this baby I knew I had to have it. I was bummed to hear that it was sold out everywhere. On a whim I decided to call my local Sephoras to see if they had any in stock, and lo and behold Sephora Herald Square did.

The Naked Palette comes in a brown velour case with gold foil lettering. The palette is enclosed in a plastic outer case to protect the packaging, along with a travel-sized primer potion. There is also a paper enclosure telling you about the palette…

I was skeptical about this palette because I own a lot of neutrals and I figured I could probably dupe the whole thing. Dupable or not, the Naked Palette is gorgeous. If you are thinking that the Urban Decay Naked Palette is your typical boring neutrals then you have it all wrong. Not only are the colors gorgeous but the palette has a variety of textures. I like the fact that I can take this away for the weekend and create numerous looks, without having to bring any other shadows along. Now let’s take a look inside…

"Urban Decay Naked Palette"

The palette contains 12 full size shadows and a dual-ended 24/7 Glide On eye pencil with Zero on one end and Whiskey on the other. It also has a mirror inside for easy application on the go.

Overall all of the shadows are pretty pigmented and apply smooth. I swatched them using shadow sponges.

Urban Decay Naked Palette Swatches

Virgin is a shimmery light beige, almost similar to MAC Shroom but not quite. It would work well as a highlighter if applied lightly and would look great on the tear ducts.

Sin is a shimmery pink toned champagne which would work well as a wash all over the lid. This can be duped with MAC Naked Lunch.

Naked as the name implies is a nude toned beige. It is totally matte and would work perfectly to blend out harsh lines. It is close to MAC Soft Brown but Soft Brown is more on the pink side.

Sidecar is a shimmery taupe with silver sparkles.

Buck is a matte medium brown. Similar to Naked but darker. It is very close to skin tone on my NW45 skin. This would work well for a nude smokey eye.

Half Baked is a frosty metallic dark gold. Dupable with MAC Woodwinked.

Smog is a frosty metallic bronzed-brown.

Darkhorse is a chocolate brown frost with slight bronze sparkles.

Toasted is a dark pink toned champagne with a satin finish. When I look at it I think of Moet Rose’. If it were an eyeshadow this would be it.

Hustle is a deep espresso brown with slight sparkles. Leans a bit on the plum side.

Creep is a charcoal black with what appears to be blue and bronze sparkles. It’s very hard to tell.

Gunmetal is a steel blue toned grey with a metallic finish. I think this is my favorite shade in the palette, it’s gorgeous. Can be duped with MAC Knight Divine.

The 24/7 liners glide on smooth and they are very pigmented. I can’t wait to try them out.

Overall I am very impressed with my Naked Palette. I think I made the perfect first choice for my dive into Urban Decay. The shadows apply smooth and has great pigmentation, coordinate well together and you get a great deal for your money. Twelve full size shadows, a travel-sized primer potion and a dual ended liner for $44 USD? That’s a bargain. I plan to try more items from Urban Decay in the future.

The Urban Decay Naked Palette is a permanent product, but in extremely high demand. Urban Decay’s website is sold out and Sephora has been selling out in-store and online as fast as they get them. You can try calling up your local Sephora to see if they have it in stock. Also, Ulta and Macy’s carries Urban Decay.

Yay or Nay on the Urban Decay Naked Palette… Are you lemming this?

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  1. i just saw that this was in-stock on sephora.com yesterday so i snatched one up. initially, i wasnt interested. i became interested and learned that it wasnt limited edition so i felt like there was no rush. it keeps selling out so i figured it was the thing to has. hype gets me every time.

    1. I have to admit I fall for the hype sometimes too lol. At least this palette lives up to the hype. When I went to pick up my palette, my Sephora said they sell out as quick as they get them. Glad you were able to snag one!

  2. Glad you were able to pick one up! This baby is sold out everywhere. I do agree with you there are different textures and is nicely pigmented for a neutral palette. I've swatched it 3 times now at the store but still on the fence about purchasing it. LOL. One day I will break down and add it to my stash.

    1. If you can’t get it out of your mind and continue to go back and look at it, that means you need to get it. I’m such an enabler lol

  3. I saw this the other day in Ulta and passed by. I wear more bright colors and thought my money wouldn’t be well spent on it. I can’t wait to see what looks you creat with it…I know it will change my mind on getting it..LOL!

    1. I say if you don’t have any neutrals at all, it is the perfect investment. You get all the neutrals you will ever need in one shot. Well almost all lol. Hopefully I can do a look this weekend. I tend to always be running late in the Summer and skip eyeshadow for just liner and mascara. That is why I haven’t done many FOTDs.

  4. I am so on the fence about if I should purchase this! Since I LOVE neutrals, I already have a bunch of neutral shades similar to the ones in this palette. However, I can just feel myself getting sucked into the hype and high demand for this product…I’ll probably cave…

  5. I bought this in the beginning of August and I’m loving it. I’ve used it almost every day.

    1. I can definitely see this palette being used everyday. It is such a beautiful array of neutrals. Great choice. Do you have any suggestions for color pairings? πŸ™‚

      1. I've used

        1. Indianwood paint pot as a base with half baked on the lid, buck in the crease, virgin as the highlight, and naked as the transition between buck and virgin.

        2. Quite natural or groundwork paint pot as a base, smog on the lid, buck in the crease and virgin as the highlight

        3. Painterly or soft ochre paintpot as a base, toasted on the lid, hustle in the crease and virgin as the highlight.

        I haven't tried using gunmetal or creep yet, but fooling around with those shades are next on the list!

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