Wagman’s PerfecTress French Body Wave Review Pt. II

In Part I of this review, I told you guys that I would come back and show you how the Wagman's PerfecTress hair flat ironed. Here are the results.

In Part I of this review, I told you guys that I would come back and show you the hair flat ironed. I plan to wash and deep condition my hair later tonight, so I figured that this would be the perfect time to flat iron it since I do not plan to leave it straight at the moment. It took me about an hour to straighten the hair and here are the results…

Wagman's PerfecTress French Body Wave Flatironed

Although the hair is full of body, it is not bone straight and has more of a loose body wave pattern. This is probably my fault as my arms were getting tired. I believe that if you take your time and do really small sections that this hair can indeed get bone straight. Overall Wagman’s PerfecTress French Body Wave straightens well and blended it in with my hair pretty good.

Here is what I used to straighten the hair…

Simply Stylin’ Silk Pure Silicon Serum and my new FHI HEAT 1″ Technique Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron. I am loving this flat iron.

I am still in love with this hair and think it looks great Curly or Straight. However, I prefer the curly look. It’s still wearing well with no issues. Absolutely no shedding and just minor tangling if it’s too dry. When I say minor tangling, I do not mean knots. But that it takes a little wiggling to pull your fingers through. It doesn’t bunch up near the nape like beauty supply store wet n’ wavy hair does. That is always my biggest concern with this type of hair. I am als0 still using the same products and routine that I used initially. This hair performs best with less product. Once again I stress that less is more with this hair.

I still highly recommend Wagman’s PerfecTress French Body Wave and I do plan to try different textures from the brand in the future. Go out and get you some Wags!

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  1. Omg.. I am planning on getting the FHI 1 inch platform.. I know that its a slightly diffrent iron but I would love to see a full review on it. By the way.. the hair looks really good Lady!

    1. Thanks hon. Yes, the Platform has heat settings and the Technique does not. I will do a full review soon. I want to try to flatiron out natural hair (not extensions) so I have to wait until I take mine out or use a friend. I must say that it worked great on my small amount of leave out in the front though.

  2. Are you still using this hair? I am thinking about ordering from Wagman's too and I wanted to find out how your hair is holding up? Does it tangle and shed? I have had quite a few nightmares with buying indian hair online, I am just hoping this time will be different!

    1. I am currently not using this hair as I have a short cut, but I do still have it in my stash. I wore the hair for 3 months and with washing a few times a week it held up well with minimal shedding and tangling. I only took out my install because I wanted a change of style. I would highly recommend this hair.

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