Quick Review of Clinique 3 Step System + LUSH Haul

The SA told me to give the Clinique 3 Step System 4 weeks for my skin to get used to it and to see progress. Well I gave it 5 weeks...
Clinique 3 Step System

I picked up the Clinique 3 Step System Type 3 in a haul a little over a month ago. I said that I would give a review when I was able to use it for a while so here goes- IT SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!! The SA told me to give it 4 weeks for my skin to get used to it and to see progress. Well I gave it 5 weeks and every week my skin got progressively worse.  All I wanted to do was clear a few minor blemishes and pimples and I ended up with the worse breakout I’ve had in years and more blemishes. Here is the rundown…


This cleanser lathered well and left my skin very clean I must admit, but that is about it. There are plenty of cleansers in the drugstore that does the same for a portion of the price… so thumbs down.

Clarifying Lotion

This stuff is totally harsh! It completely dried out my skin and left flaky, raw dry patches. I believe that this was the culprit that broke me out!

Dramatically Different Gel

The first week of the routine this was actually ok and I think it is a pretty good moisturizer, but it was no help to the drying damage of the clarifying lotion. If it had SPF I would recommend this as a daily moisturizer apart from the 3 step system, but since it doesn’t, it is not worth the price tag.

I marched my way into Macy’s today and took this crap back. A complete waste of $$$, $59 + tax (USD) to be exact! Thank goodness for Macy’s Return Policy. Back at square one, I now needed a new skincare routine…. and I have been wanting to try LUSH products for a while now… Sooooo I went to LUSH and came home with a few goodies…

Dark Angels Cleanser

Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

Grease Lightning Tea Tree Spot Cleanser

Tea Tree Water Toner

Vanishing Cream Moisturizer (sample)

For those that may not know about LUSH, it is a cosmetics company that specializes in 100% Vegetarian, fresh handmade cosmetics for bath, hair and body. They use natural ingredients and minimal preservatives. The brand is a bit expensive for small amounts of product, but if it lives up to the hype it’s worth it.You can find more information HERE.

I am so excited about these products as I’ve heard so many good things about them. Reviews to come after I’ve had time to test everything out. I hope I have better luck this time around.


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