Budget Friendly Things To Do In Beverly Hills

Now you can't leave LA without a visit to Beverly Hills. It's a must do. Here's how to spend the afternoon without spending a grip.

LA Trip Beverly Hills Sign

Day 5 in LA was real chill. I had planned to visit the Griffith Observatory in the morning. But missed the fact that it was closed on Mondays. Since the Loews Hollywood gave us complimentary late check out, we ordered room service instead and relaxed before heading to Beverly Hills to spend the afternoon. After check out, we stored our bags and took a Lyft to Beverly Gardens Park.

Beverly Hills Sign Beverly Gardens Park

Now you can’t visit LA without visiting Beverly Hills. It’s a must, and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money. Actually you don’t have to spend any money at all. For starters, it’s free to take a picture in front of the Beverly Hills sign in Beverly Gardens Park. And check out the beautiful sculptures while there…

LA Trip Beverly Gardens Park Hymn of Tulips


LA Trip Beverly Gardens Park X-Tra & Endless V


LA Trip Beverly Hills Sprinkles Cupcake Shop

And of course you have to stop by Sprinkles Cupcakes.

LA Trip Beverly Hills Sprinkles Cupcakes

All of the cupcakes are less than 5 bucks. You can order inside, or get one from the ATM. If you want a box it will cost you an extra 50 cents in the shop. And there’s a 50 cent surcharge on the cupcakes from the ATM for this very reason.

LA Trip Beverly Hills Sprinkles Coconut Cupcake

I ordered my cupcake inside to make sure it was as fresh and paid for the box to do a photoshoot at the ATM. Because that’s what you do when in Beverly Hills lol. At least I wasn’t alone. I saw multiple people come and do the same thing while we sat outside and ate our cupcakes. Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy a cupcake to take a photo in front of the ATM though. Just don’t hold up the line (if there is one). I chose the Coconut since I was craving coconut. Esean had the Salty Caramel. Although the icing on the Coconut was good, the base tasted like basic boxed yellow cake mix. Esean’s cupcake was much better. By the way, we have a few Sprinkles ATM’s in NYC as well. See locations here.

Beverly Hills Sprinkles ATM

Next we made our way down the block to Rodeo Drive. Not to shop. But to look rich and take pictures. Don’t judge me, I’m being honest. My days of buying overpriced items just for the name are done. I only shop designer pieces when they’re deeply discounted. I now find more value in experiences (like this trip to LA), rather than material items. We did have fun window shopping and looking at fancy cars though. Kids tend to enjoy the simple things.

LA Trip Rodeo Drive


LA Trip Rodeo Drive

LA Trip Sitting Pretty On Rodeo Drive

LA Trip Rodeo Drive The M Salon

LA Trip Rodeo Drive


LA Trip Dinner Kino Sushi Hollywood Bento Box

We were over Beverly Hills at that point and decided to head back to Hollywood to have dinner at Kino Sushi. Esean had a Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box which he enjoyed for the most part. He thought that the teriyaki sauce was a little bland. My child don’t play when it comes to seasoning lol.

LA Trip Dinner Kino Sushi Hollywood Caterpillar Roll

I had the Caterpillar Roll with miso soup, a salad and a glass of plum wine. Everything was enjoyable. However they were a bit skimpy with the eel in my roll. After dinner we stopped by the Hollywood & Highland Center to get another round of churros, and a last view of the Hollywood sign before heading to the airport.

LA Trip Hollywood Sign

I hope you guys enjoyed the recap of our 16th Birthday Celebration trip to LA. Make sure you check out Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 for more ideas on things to do when visiting LA.

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  1. I also took my daughter for her sweet 16. We did alot of the same things!! However I didnt know what to do at Venice and Santa Monica so thanks for that info. Im on my way now for our 4th day. Greats pics btw.

    1. You’re very welcome. Happy birthday to your baby girl, and enjoy the rest of your trip! xo

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