40th Birthday Solo Trip To Tulum

I documented the entire trip as a resource for other women who may be considering solo travel.
Solo Trip To Tulum For My 40th Birthday

Can y’all believe your sis is 40? I brought in my 40th birthday with a bang on a solo trip to Tulum, Mexico. The purpose of this trip was to relax, recharge, reset and realign my spirit for this new chapter. I also just wanted to spend some quality time alone to love on myself. This was my first time traveling solo. But trust me it won’t be my last as I had so much fun. I decided to document the entire trip as a resource for other women who may be considering taking a solo trip. Watch my Tulum Vlog for a detailed view of my trip and all of the places I visited while in Tulum. But first, a few things to note…

My Stay At Amaka Calma Riviera Tulum


My solo trip to Tulum was my third time vacationing in Mexico. The first time I visited Cancun with friends. While the second time I took my son to Playa del Carmen. Not only was this my first time traveling out of the country alone, but this was also my first time getting back on a plane and leaving the country post-pandemic. I’m still leery of getting Covid and therefore preferred to stay in a more secluded environment. I also opted not to do an all-inclusive resort this time around to avoid the crowds and keep the trip reasonably affordable. So it took some research and planning in advance to figure out where to stay in Tulum. In the end I decided to stay in the La Veleta area. The neighborhood is up and coming with beautiful boutique hotels, and there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance.

I chose the Amaka Calma Riviera Tulum for my 5 days 4 nights stay. The hotel features 17 condos decorated to give the feel of “la calma de Tulum” or “the peace of Tulum”. I went with a Deck Garden One Bedroom Apartment with a private pool. The apartment featured a full kitchen with a cook top stove, washing machine, living room and a king sized bedroom. But my favorite part of the apartment was hands down the private deck with a personal plunge pool and hammocks. I spent a lot of time here and didn’t go to the main hotel pool not once. Speaking of the main hotel pool, it was absolutely beautiful and surrounded by hammocks as well. I’d gladly stay at Amaka again. The hotel was not only beautiful, but extremely affordable.

Riding A Bike In Tulum


When planning a solo trip to Tulum it’s important to note that there is no airport. The Felipe Carillo Puerto International Airport is currently in the works to be completed by the end of 2023. But as of now the best option is to fly into Cancun International Airport. CUN is 1.5 to 2 hours away from Tulum depending on traffic. So you’ll need to plan in advance how you’re going to get to Tulum from the airport. The cheapest option is to take the Ado bus, followed by a taxi or collectivo (public van) to your resort. I chose to hire round-trip private transportation to and from the airport. It wasn’t cheap. However, I was cozy and had the car all to myself. I also didn’t have to worry about making it back to the airport on time for my flight.

Now the best way to get around while out and about in Tulum is by bike or electric scooter. I opted to use a bike as I wasn’t comfortable with riding an electric scooter on the highway. At first I was nervous about riding a bike since I hadn’t rode one since I was teen. But muscle memory took over once I hopped on and all was good. My hotel provided bikes for free, as does most of the other hotels in the area. I just had to leave my passport as a deposit. It was also pretty easy to walk to a lot of places within a few minutes. Most of the places that I visited were within walking distance.

I only used taxi service for one day of my trip- to go to the hotel zone. But I immediately noticed that the taxis were overly expensive and the drivers will try to beat you in the head. Not literally lol. Meaning they will try to cheat you on the fare. I was able to negotiate down to at least half of the asking fare. Which means the drivers were trying to overcharge from jump. So don’t be afraid to negotiate and make sure you’re clear on the price before hopping in.

What To Wear To Dinner In Tulum


I was a little apprehensive about taking a solo trip. Especially to a foreign country. My family wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea either. But all of my fears melted away after my first night in Tulum. Not once did I feel unsafe, or that I was in danger during my solo trip to Tulum. Even walking around by myself late night on dark roads. Or riding my bike to different parts of town (during the day) to explore.

However, La Veleta is a quiet area and didn’t have a real club scene. There were some bars with a laid back chill vibe. No wild parties. And the latest the bars closed was around 1:30 am, and that’s a stretch. Most places was closed by midnight. I did consider attending a party in the Pueblo (town) on my birthday. But decided against it as I didn’t feel secure enough to go out drinking and partying solo, then having to find a taxi back to my hotel. So I stuck to late night dinners and drinks at places close to my hotel as that was within my comfort zone.

Now that we have all of that out of the way, grab some wine & popcorn and watch my Tulum Vlog to see everything that I did on my trip. And y’all know I’m sharing the lewks. Speaking of lewks, I’ll be sharing my Tulum Lookbook next week. Make sure you subscribe to the Glam Gleam Weekly Digest so you don’t miss it!


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  1. Girl! You did that! Good for you! You just made me want to book that trip too. I’m celebrating my birthday solo in New Orleans. I’m doing everything I want to do. So glad you got away and recharged. You deserve it! Blessings upon Blessings to you Sis 😌

    1. Thank you so much sis. I truly had an amazing time and did everything that I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. It was a great feeling. I know you’ll have an amazing time in NOLA. The food is deelish. Wishing you a happy birthday in advance ❤️

  2. Let me say you look absolutely fantastic. I really loved your room, and all your outfits that you wore. I wrote this city down, in case me and hubby might adventure to. You looked great. You brought your 40th Birthday in correct. Now back to REALITY. Keep posting and giving us the 411 on fashion, hair, styles. Take care

    1. I think you and your husband will truly enjoy Tulum. Thank you so much, and I most definitely will… stay tuned! ☺️

  3. Wow! what an amazing trip. I took time to thoroughly looked at your Blog and followed along each day you posted. I promise you I felt like I was there as well. It was a strange feeling of inclusiveness! What a well documented story of your trip. I must say you are also so Brave to travel to this destination physically along and feel so safe! I can read via this Blog that you really had a relaxing and enjoyable trip. This was very enlightening to read and encourage me to step outside of my comfort zone more often, to take more of these types of trips. I recently went on a Bahamas cruise along, and I met some great ppl and had a relaxing and enjoyable time as well. Continue to keep us posted with your Blogs. I loved your hair of course, attire and posted meals. I look forward to your next Blog post! Take care.

    1. I truly had an amazing time and never felt unsafe. I’m so glad that I inspired you to step out of your comfort zone. The Bahamas cruise sounds like so much fun. I’ve never been on a cruise. It’s on my list though and I may do that solo as well. Thank you so much for following along on my trip, taking the time to comment, and all of the support. I appreciate you ❤️

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