Shaved Sides Will Be My Signature Look This Summer

Who would've thought that the chick who couldn't stand the shaved sides look would shave her sides. How ironic. That's why you should never say never.

Shaved Sides and Wash n' Go Fantasia Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection

Happy Memorial Day y’all. It’s now the unofficial kickoff of the Summer season. I tend to cut my hair shorter as soon as the temperature rises. It makes it so much easier to just get up and go. I was tempted to another Big Chop¬†like I did last Summer. But I decided on the shaved sides look instead. It’s ironic because I used to be the chick that couldn’t stand shaved sides. But now I love the look. It’s so funky and edgy. And it’s perfect for when I’m itching to cut my hair off, but allowing the top to grow long(er).

Tapered Cut Shaved Sides

I shave my head around the entire perimeter, keeping it dark. The top of my hair is still tapered though. Shaved sides may have grown on me. But I still don’t like the stark contrast of a line of demarcation between the shaved and longer areas. I prefer a faded look. The Wash n’ Go is my current go to style. You can see my latest tutorial here.

4C Hair Tapered Cut With Shaved Sides


I’m keeping the top long for now for versatility. I may even try a few protective styles like Goddess Locs. That would be fierce!

What’s your thoughts on shaved sides?

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