Pesto Zucchini Noodles With Shrimp & Tomato

This Pesto Zucchini Noodles dish is the perfect compromise to keep your taste buds and waistline happy. You won't miss pasta at all.

Pesto Zucchini Noodles Recipe

I love pasta. My waistline does not. I’m trying to keep my waistline happy because Summer is right around the corner. Zucchini Noodles is the perfect compromise. You can use it in any dish that calls for spaghetti. The similar look tricks the mind into believing that you’re having pasta. All while you sneak in an extra serving of veggies. Your waist line will thank you. Skip the store bought zucchini noodles though as they are overly expensive. You can easily make your own in a few minutes with a spiralizer. I use this one.

Pesto Zucchini Noodles Recipes

What you will need…


2-3 long, slim zucchini

small onion, sliced

cherry tomatoes, halved


olive oil

1 lb of large shrimp

Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning 

Trader Joe's Vegan Kale Cashew & Basil Pesto

Pesto Zucchini Noodles Preparation…

First, season your shrimp with the Slap Ya Mama. Sautée, grill or cook however you’d like (in olive oil) and set aside. Now thoroughly wash the zucchini and cut off the heads (gruesome, I know lol). Use the spiralizer to create your zucchini noodles. Use the same pan that you cooked the shrimp to sautée the onions and tomatoes. Add the zucchini noodles and cook for a few minutes until tender. Drain the extra water from the pan, then add your pesto. A good store bought pesto is fine. I use Trader Joe’s Vegan Kale, Cashew & Basil Pesto and it’s delicious. It’s seasoned to perfection with a nice citrus finish. It tastes amazing on pizza as well. You can make your own pesto. But I don’t have time for all of that so I don’t have a recipe for you lol. One day though!

Pesto Zucchini Noodles Recipes

This Pesto Zucchini Noodles dish is the perfect Spring & Summer Meal. It’s extremely light, and quick to make. Omit the shrimp if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, and add more veggies of your choice. You can also serve these Pesto Zucchini Noodles as a side dish.

Enjoy and make sure you check out more of my recipes!

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  1. mmm mmm. That looks delicious and easy enough for me to make (cooking is NOT one of my fave things sadly). I can’t wait to try. Thank you for sharing 😊

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