So Your Barber Butchered Your Tapered Cut? Book Me

If you're looking for a NYC Natural Hair Stylist to perfect your Tapered Cut, then you're in the right place.

glammzmore NYC natural hair stylist tapered cut type 4 hair

You can’t imagine the amount of emails I get saying that someone took my picture to a barber for a haircut. But the result was far from what they wanted. If you’re looking for a NYC Natural Hair Stylist to perfect your Tapered Cut. Then you’re in the right place. As some of you may or may not know, I cut and style my own natural hair. After mastering my own hair, I decided to start taking clients at the beginning of this year. Specializing in Tapered Cuts with styling such as the Wash n’ Go and Finger Coils.

glammzmore NYC natural hair stylist wash n' go type 4 hair

{Tapered Cut + Wash n’ Go}

After creating countless hair tutorials and still having people reach out because they’re having a hard time managing their natural hair… I’ve realized that it may not come as easy for others as it does for me. Some people need a little help and guidance to learn how to care for their hair. While others rather just have someone else do it for them to make things easier. So I’ve enlisted my services.

glammzmore NYC natural hair stylist tapered cut type 3 hair

{Tapered Cut}

I’ve been doing hair since I was twelve years old. My usual specialty is Box Braids and other protective styles such as Goddess Locs and Marley Twists. So I am extremely excited to add natural hair styling to my skill set.

glammzmore NYC natural hair stylist tapered cut

{Tapered Cut}

I treat my clients hair with the same care that I treat my own. Perfecting a hair style on my own head guarantees the satisfaction of my clients. All styles featured in this post was done by me.

glammzmore NYC natural hair stylist finger coils

{Finger Coils}

Visit my Artistry site Moore Than Just Makeup to see more of my work, along with pricing and booking information. You may also email me at Follow my Artistry Instagram Page @moorethanjustmakeup_ to keep up with my work.

I do makeup as well. In case you didn’t know that either 😉


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  1. Thanks for your article on short hair. I have had long hair all my life. I cut it and it always grew back but now that I’m older I only wanted it because I wanted to fit in with younger women. I actually look better with my natural short hair. Thanks I’m done with the long. Short is the right look for me.

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