How To Be Fashionable Without Freezing During NYFW

It's usually brick out with a high chance of snow during the Winter NYFW. Here are my essentials for looking fashionable without freezing.

How To Fashionably Brave The Cold at NYFW

I tend to skip the Winter New York Fashion Week since it’s usually brick out with a high chance of snow. I’m not about that life. But this year I decided to bundle up and brave the cold since there was no snow storm in sight. Here are my essentials for looking fashionable without freezing during NYFW.

How To Wear The Teddy Bear Coat

Teddy Bear Coat NYFW

Let’s start with the coat. The coat is the most important part of your look since it will be the first thing that people see. So it needs to be uber funky. However it needs to be super warm. A teddy bear coat satisfies both requirements. Go for a bright attention grabbing color, or keep it simple in basic black. Either way you’ll stand out. Don’t forget your scarf. Open necks is an absolute no no. Last thing you want is to get sick.

Steve Madden Laurie Boots

Footwear is the next priority for your NYFW look. The most important thing is comfort since you’ll most likely be doing a fair amount of walking and standing. Platform heels is your best bet aside from flats/sneakers. And they can be just as comfortable. This platform combat boot has been my go to for Fashion Week. Not only are they super fly, they are extremely comfortable and accommodate thick socks so that my feet stay warm. If you want to wear distressed jeans, layer a pair of leggings or colored tights under. My knees don’t really get cold so I opted out. I’ll deal with the arthritis later lol.

Brave The Cold at NYFW

If you’re not a hat person, then you’ll want to get a cute pair of earmuffs. Cold ears are dangerous. I’m pretty sure you don’t want frostbite or an ear infection, so cover up. I absolutely love this oversized faux fur pair. It looks so cute with my teddy bear coat!

Earmuffs NYFW

Last but not least, you want a fashionable carryall bag. You’ll need somewhere to store all of your warm weather accessories once you get inside. Along with your snacks (a necessity), camera and anything else you may want to carry. Like a mini umbrella for rainy/snowy days.

Carryall NYFW




What’s your favorite pieces for staying fashionably warm during NYFW?

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