White Converse Outfit

How To Wear Converse To Work And Still Look Professional

Converse can be chic and work appropriate (IF sneakers are allowed in your workplace) as they literally go with everything. You just have to know how to rock them. Here's some tips...

White Converse Outfit

Now don’t go rolling up to your job in a pair of Converse if you know kicks are not allowed. I don’t want you blaming me when you get in trouble. I work in a relaxed environment so I am allowed to wear sneakers. However, I just started incorporating them into my work wardrobe because wearing kicks to work just wasn’t my style. Until now. I’ll explain.

White Converse Outfit

I loved me some kicks back in high school. Every pair of {fly} Jordans that came out, I copped them. Same with Air Max. Timbs too. But I’ve always been a girly girl and rocked my heels as well. I had calf hair, cow print boots with a 5 inch heel and boots to match all of my leather jackets- black, red and tan. Let’s not forget the matching Coach bags and belts. I ain’t play no games lol. Anyway, after college I moved into my own spot and decided that all of the kicks had to go. I was now grown and grown ups didn’t wear sneakers. I had to make room for all of my fabulous new heels. So I sold my Jordan collection on ebay and made a lot of dough. As a result, the only kicks I had left were a pair of Converse and a pair of Prada sneakers. I stayed in heels after that, and always really high ones.

white military blazer

My Nana used to tell me that I was going to have bad knees for wearing such high heels all of the time. She also told me that I would have arthritis from wearing little jackets in the cold, rest her soul. I’ve been fortunate enough to curve the arthritis for now, but the bad knees, not so much. I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and one of the symptoms is joint pain. You can read a little bit about my Hashimoto’s story in my Big Chop post, but one day soon I’m going to do a full post on it as I feel it needs to be discussed. So back to the joint pain, some days my knees or legs bother me and I can’t do the high heels all day. I would suffer through the pain because pain is beauty. Right?!

White Leather Converse Chuck Taylors





White Leather Converse Outfit

Nope not at all. I’ve seen the light. You can be cute and comfortable at the same time. Kicks can be chic and work appropriate (IF sneakers are allowed in your workplace.) You just have to know how to rock them. I paired my white leather Converse Chuck Taylors with a form fitting midi dress and a white military blazer, and the look was a hit. That’s because Converse literally go with everything. Especially the leather versions.

White Converse Outfit

Just keep the outfit simple without too many colors or prints, and choose neutral colored Converse. Pair them with pieces you’d normally wear to work like blazers, slim pants and dresses. Seamlessly sneak them into your work wardrobe. If you can’t wear sneakers to the office just follow this look from the ankles up. But if you have the flexibility to wear kicks, go on ahead and slay you some Chucks!

How To Wear Converse to Work

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  1. I love this look dear .you made my day. OMG. IM SURE you did this for me lol. I like it and will steal it

  2. I love this look. I just started having knee problems and bought some low level converse but never thought of wearing them with a cute dress and jacket.. thanks for the inspiration..

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