5 Ways to Style Your TWA This Summer

Serving up some inspiration on ways to style your TWA this Summer. Featuring the hairstyles that I've been wearing on my own hair.

TWA Brush Coils

As I approach my six month natural hair anniversary, it has dawned on me that my TWA is pretty versatile. I’ve gone through two haircuts, the last one about 5 weeks ago and I am loving my tapered teeny weeny afro. I know a lot of people choose to do the Big Chop in the Summer months. So I’m bringing you some inspiration on ways to style your TWA featuring the hairstyles that I’ve been wearing on my own hair.

 Brush Coils

Right after the big chop when my hair was very short and I couldn’t do much with it, Brush Coils was my go to style. When you first do the big chop it is possible for your hair to go into shock and it may take awhile for your coils to pop. This happened to me and Brush Coils made it easy for me to style my hair. They usually last 2-3 days before I need to redo them. You can see my Brush Coils Tutorial here.

TWA Wash 'n Go

Wash ‘n Go

One of the simplest ways to wear your TWA that doesn’t require much work is a wash ‘n Go. When styling my hair I use the L.O.C. Method, which is applying a water based leave in conditioner, followed by an oil and then a cream after you wash and deep condition your hair. These are the steps I take when doing a Wash ‘n Go and I use a metal pick to lift my roots once dry. The only negative thing is if you have really thick 4c hair like mine, a Wash ‘n Go is really a wash and wait as it takes forever to dry, and I sometimes have to go out with the white cast on my hair (from the combo of water and styling products) and let it dry down over the course of a few hours.

TWA Finger Shingles

Finger Shingles

The Shingling Method is a method to really bring out and enhance your natural curl pattern with the use of products and methodically separating clumps of your strands. It’s a tedious process and usually takes me about 2-3 hours to do my own, but the results are gorgeous and the style lasts about two weeks. You can see my Finger Shingles tutorial here.

TWA Finger Coils

Finger Coils

Finger Coils is the manual creation of coils using styling products along with your fingers or a rat tail comb. It requires that you have at least enough hair to grasp and can be done very small or larger depending on the length of your hair. This style takes me about 2 hours and also lasts about two weeks. You can see my Finger Coils Tutorial here.

TWA Finger Coil Out

Finger Coil Out

A Finger Coil Out is simply pulled apart Finger Coils. It’s perfect to change up your style after wearing your Finger Coils for a while, or you can pull fresh Finger Coils apart once they are completely dry as I did here. A Coil Out is also perfect if you have thinner hair and want your Finger Coils to look fuller.

Now go and rock that TWA with confidence and your head held high!


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  1. So gorg! I recently big chopped (For the 4th time lol) almost three month ago!
    What purple lipstick is that?

  2. Great ideas! Who knew that there were so many options to styling short natural hair! So glad I found your page. All of your styles (and make-up) are beautiful!!

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