AFROS, Inspiration To Help You Embrace Your Natural Hair

If you were thinking about returning to natural, you'd have no doubts after browsing through AFROS. You'll want to big chop immediately. It's that powerful.

Michael July AFROS

Or if you just need natural hair inspiration period. Last Friday I attended the AFROS Exhibition & Book Signing event at House of Art Gallery in Bed Stuy which featured images from AFROS: A Celebration of Natural Hair. There was a panelist discussion “The Creation of AFROS” which featured photographer, writer, self publisher and author of AFROS, Michael July and some models from the book. The panel discussed his inspiration and process in creating the book and their thoughts on their involvement in it’s creation. There was also a panelist discussion “Afros & Activism” featuring Natasha Gaspard of Naturals4Change, Imani Dawson of Tribe Called Curl and others which discussed what we as a natural hair community can do to address the current issues that we are dealing with in our Black Communities. Both panels were very enlightening and informative, and after getting up close and personal with AFROS, I knew that I needed this book in my collection.

Michael July AFROS

AFROS is an oversized (it’s huge, telephone book huge), bright and colorful coffee table book filled with vibrant images of gorgeous people rocking their natural hair. Each person has a story to tell, and it is so easy to sit down and become totally engrossed for hours. If you were thinking about returning to natural, you would have no doubts after just browsing through AFROS. If you are transitioning, you’ll want to big chop immediately. It’s that powerful.

Michael July AFROS

If you’re newly natural and still feeling a little unsure about your choice, AFROS will give you affirmation. If you want to help your child to understand the importance of embracing not only their natural hair, but their natural beauty in it’s entirety, this book will help. The book is a huge inspiration and great investment. Seven years in the making, author Michael July photographed subjects in natural backgrounds and asked them to provide commentary on “why they chose to wear your natural hair or what does natural hair mean to you.” The images provide great visual appeal, but the stories elevate the book to an entirely different level.  AFROS not only celebrates natural hair and the Afro, but also Black Beauty, Black Culture and Black Power. I highly suggest that you get you a copy and encourage all of your curlfriends and curious but not quite there yet friends to do the same.

Michael July AFROS

AFROS is available on Amazon $44.99

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