A Tour of the Washington DC Monuments & Memorials

Heading to Washington DC? Make sure you head to the National Mall to see the Monuments & Memorials. Here's a pictorial tour. But it's much better in person.

DC Monuments & Memorials Washington Monument

I took a short trip to Washington, D.C. this weekend for a housewarming. So I made it my business to head to the National Mall and see the Monuments & Memorials while there. The last time that I remember visiting the capital was as a child and I didn’t get to see all of the monuments. I’ve also been dying to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial so I was super excited. I made sure to get a few shots of myself at each one, although finding me in a few is almost as hard as finding Waldo lol. Let’s start with the Washington Monument.


World War II Memorial

world war II memorial washington dc




Lincoln Memorial

lincoln memorial washington dc

It was amazing standing at the Reflecting Pool where so many before me stood to listen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream” Speech.

reflecting pool washington dc


But it was even more amazing to stand where Dr. King stood while giving the famous speech.

lincoln memorial steps i have a dream

lincoln memorial statue washington dc

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Monuments & Memorials martin luther king jr memorial washington dc


martin luther king jr memorial washington dc


Besides the Housewarming and visiting the monuments, I ate at a few nice restaurants and just chilled out.



It’s always nice to get away, no matter how short.

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