How To Wear White Pumps

In case you haven't heard, white pumps are back with a bang and trending this Spring. So I pulled mine out today. I keep a pair on reserve for...

In case you haven’t heard, white pumps are back with a bang and trending this Spring. I am not particularly fond of white shoes as it reminds me of being forced to wear white patent Mary Janes on Easter Sunder every year up until I was like twelve lol. However, I usually keep at least one pair of white pumps on reserve for sorority purposes. So I pulled mine out today. This was a “I have 3 minutes to get dressed and get out of the door” outfit. It’s laid back, simple and very professional. The perfect look for my barely there makeup.

how to wear white pumps



I was trying hard to be serious but couldn’t help giggling since my photographer for the day (my little man) kept threatening to quit on me because I wouldn’t keep still lol


The little man behind the camera, well iphone today. He think he’s cooling! 🙂

Jordana Sweet n Smooth Lip Balm

Harvé Benard Blazer

F21 Top

American Apparel Trousers

Chinese Laundry Spicy White Pumps

Zara Bag

chinese laundry spicy pump

Are you rocking White Pumps this Spring?

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    1. Lol he’s always threatening to quit and says I take too many pics. Thank you, I hope my genes continue to hold up 🙂

  1. LOL at your son threatening to quit! that’s how my husband does… I’m like “just a few more PLEASE!” and he’s all upset AHAHAH!

    Girl yes! I was looking at some white flats the other day with a silver cap toe and I just COULD NOT bring myself to buy them. I was like “I don’t wanna look like old church lady” because for some reason that’s what white pumps remind me of but this are a cute pair! Got me re-thinking it all! I might have to go back and get those flats!

    Also, I LOOOVE that top girl!

    1. Lol at your husband. My boyfriend is a little more patient than my son thank goodness 🙂

      White flats with a silver cap toe sounds so cute. You better get them girl!

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