Poetic Justice

I decided to give my hair a break and put in some Poetic Justice Braids. I haven't worn braids since college and I'm excited all over again!

I decided to give my hair a break and braid it up for a while so that’s how I spent pretty much my entire weekend, indoors braiding up my hair. I was excited to actually get outdoors today for some fresh air and of course to show off my hair. Check out my Poetic Justice Braids!

"Poetic Justice Braids and Red Jeans"


I was apprehensive about these braids since I haven’t worn any since college, but OMG I love them! I went for a smaller set of Poetic Justice Braids so that they can last longer.

"Poetic Justice Braids"



I received a ton of compliments today, everyone loved them.

Poetic Justice Braids
Asos Peplum Top | VS Siren Skinny Pant | Zara Shoes | H&M Blazer


I can see myself rocking a ton of styles and best of all, I can sleep longer in the morning or have more time for makeup 😉

Check out my Poetic Justice Braids Tutorial

34 Responses

  1. So, I’ve always admired your style, but I just had to say today that you look so stunning in the next to last photo. Anyway, I enjoy your blog and I promise I’m not a creepster.

  2. I love your braids i’ve the same hairstyle these days but it’s an ombré (black/purple), and it’s soo cool!
    love your outfit, those shoes are just gorgeous!

  3. Pretty n a got some killing to do to you cause I sure brought another lippie I saw u rockin even through I on a ban. 🙂

  4. Oh fabulous, I wanted to do this a few months back but my patience is that over a hyper active child. I wanted quite big ones to give my hair more of a rest too. Love how they look on you, suits you so much. xo

  5. The braids are versatile and sexy. You made the right choice for your lifestyle. I was thinking the same thing, between yoga, bicycling, swimming, and menopause it’s too much! The only dilemma is that I want a lighter color redish brown but need a natural color treatment for my hair. Any suggestions?

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