To Weave or Not To Weave? That Is the Question

I love me some weave and have no problem sewing in some tracks when wanting to switch up my style. Do you wear weaves or are you anti-weave? Chime in.

to weave or not to weave

Another discussion post for you guys, this time we are talking about weave… extensions… fake hair or whatever you may call it. To each their own. I’m pretty spontaneous when it comes to my hair, not as much as I used to be but still so. One minute I’ll want it really short, then I will want to wear it long. Ponytails. Braids. Twists. I used to love to switch it up. When I was in high school I would come in with a wrap (doobie) one day, micro braids the next, and a curly weave next month. Since I am able to do my own hair switching it up was and still is easy for me. Now I am pretty sure that you guys have noticed that I’ve been rocking a pixie cut for a while now, since last summer. I’ve been itching to change it up lately and decided to do a style similar to Meagan Good’s infamous cut and this required me to add some tracks for length in the front. So I went and bought some good old Permed Yaki and sewed in some tracks, tada transformation complete.

I love me some weave and have no problem sewing some tracks in my hair when necessary or wanting to switch up my style, add length, body etc. I don’t care for glue as I feel it pulls your hair out, definitely if you are not careful removing it and glued tracks doesn’t last as long. When my hair was longer one of my favorite styles was a super long ponytail with a chinese or swooped bangs, and this style required some good old weave.  As long as you take care of your own hair underneath including regular washing (for sew ins) and moisturizing I think weave is a good way to be more creative with hairstyling. You can even braid up your long hair and sew in a weave to try out a shorter cut without cutting your own hair. You can also use weave as a protective style to give your own hair a break whether relaxed or natural.  The options are endless.

Some people can be very anti-weave, especially guys and consider it being fake, faking the funk. When I wore weaves on the regular I would constantly get asked “Why don’t you wear your real hair, you don’t need fake hair?” My response would always be “It is mine since I paid for it and it’s definitely real, 100% human hair” lol.

Do you like/wear weaves or are you anti-weave? Speak on it…

*P.S. I want to try to do these discussion posts more often since I love to get everyone’s takes and opinions on the topic at hand. Feel free to email me with any topics that you want considered for discussion with the subject “Let’s Discuss.”

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  1. Sure I think you should change up your hair style as often as you like, I don’t wear weaves but I certainly wear wigs, ponytails and natural styles. Honey, sew it in for a week, then change up the color or move it around, wear scares, hats, or whatever, hair jewelry is the big thing on the west coast but there’s not too many hair blogger out west that you can see the look.

  2. My mom forced me to wear weave when I was in high school and it always breaks me out so I don’t like wearing it + I really like my own hair a lot better. I have no problem with other people wearing though as long as they actually take care of it and their own hair under it because I hate seeing a raggedy weave, wig or whatever on someone and they think they’re better than everyone LOL.

  3. I love weave. It lets me protect my hair and change it up. I workout every day, so wearing my relaxed hair would have me wearing ponytails by Tuesday if I washed on Sunday, and I don’t find ponytails to be attractive. Weaves don’t have the same dirt and oil issues that my natural hair does, so for ease and convenience I wear a weave.

  4. I got my first sew-in last month, and I’m never going back to my real hair. lol…. It’s so easy and my hair still looks good after I work out.

  5. I actually wore my first weave about four years ago. It was with glue and I hated it! I tried a sew in afterwards and loved it! Weave is great and allows me to change up my hair while still protecting my natural hair. Admittedly, I love weave when it looks realistic. The weave I have in now is the longest I ever had. Shorter curly weaves are awesome and so easy to blend!

  6. I never wore weaves until I decided to go natural about 4 years ago. They were awesome protective styles and helped me not to damage my hair while transitioning between two textures. I no longer wear them because they were getting costly for me (as I can’t do them myself), but I have replaced them with human hair wigs which I have fallen in LOVE with! My wigs are so natural looking that most random people assume that it is mine anyway. Those who know me however, know that my real hair is a healthy amount of thick, long hair, and they constantly ask me why I wear wigs as opposed to my real hair. I like wigs because they allow me to change up my look quickly and easily myself without worrying about damaging my real hair. Wigs come in quite handy when I don’t have the time or energy to do my own hair as well. I don’t care what anyone says. I love my wigs (I’ve managed to get a nice little stash collected), and I’ll continue to wear them until I no longer like them (which I don’t see happening anytime soon)! 😉

    1. I’ve been thinking about trying out a wig as I’ve never worn one. I might make a custom one since there are so many tutorials 🙂

      1. You should definitely give them a try. I tried out my first wig last summer, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

  7. I love weave, can’t see anything wrong in it myself, and my husband loves it. Says he can come home to a different women – can’t argue against that! love your skin – looks gorgeous. 🙂

  8. Not afraid of extensions, lol. I used to consider myself addicted…I’m not addicted anymore but I still wear clip ins now.

  9. I have to wear weave because my hair is thinning and in some spots bald. Although the weave seem to not make it any better, but at least it makes me feel good….

  10. I def want to wear whatever I feel like wearing, while always taking great care of my own hair.

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