FlipSide Reversible Denim, Because Two Is Always Better Than One

Prints and patterns are big this Spring and Summer, so it's totally cool to get multiple prints in one piece. Introducing FlipSide Reversible Denim...

FlipSide Reversible Jeans Floral Print

I ran into these jeans the other day while perusing Tar-jay after not getting what I wanted from the Prabal Gurung Collection. I’ve been wanting some floral print jeans for a while and I loved the colors in this print so I decided to try them on. What I didn’t realize is that the jeans were reversible! You can wear the jeans on either side, on the reverse there is a  tribal pattern that is just as beautiful as the floral print.

FlipSide Reversible JeansTribal Print

I love the concept and it appears to be patent pending. Prints and patterns are big this Spring and Summer, so it’s totally cool to get multiple prints in one piece. Even better these babies fit like a glove! I found a really  cute coral blazer that pairs well with both prints so that’s 2+ new outfits in my closet for Spring.

FlipSide Reversible Denim

You can find FlipSide Reversible Denim at your local Target  store or online, you won’t be disappointed. Did I mention that they are only $34.99 and well worth it?! Yes, get you a pair. Oh and I’ve noticed that they come in a few other styles as well Camouflage/Green & Blush/Hearts. Keep in mind that they are Juniors sized but they go up to a size 17. Love!

So what do you guys say… FlipSide Reversible Denim, gotta have or pass?

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  1. Those are awesome, I think i’ll pick some up for my granddaughter, i’m not sure Jrs will cover my “backside” too well if you know what I mean.

    1. Lol oh they will since they have great stretch. You just have to order them larger. I have that backside problem too 😉

  2. These are definitely a gotta have! Target Style posted a picture, but I was so caught up with Prabal that I didn’t realize how awesome they were! Definitely picking up that blush pair!

    Fleur de Lyss

  3. OMG…I have been wanting some floral print pants for ever and the fact that these are two for one is a fabulous deal! Can’t beat the style and price! I’m definitely going to look for these on my next trip to Target! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Girl you got me in trouble I went to tar jay and went crazy loi where did u get the coral blazer

  5. These are an awful rip off of Bleulab jeans! “Flip Side” should be ashamed of themselves!

    1. Just looked up Bluelab Denim. Well well well, looks like Flipside was inspired by the concept. At least they are not blatantly copying the designs. Everyone is inspired in the fashion world these days… Unless Bluelab has sole rights to reversible denim then that’s another story hmmm

  6. I got a pair of these a few weeks back (the same ones that you did). I love them! I took them with me on a 3-day trip last week, and they covered 2 of the days. Plus they are lighter than regular denim. Perfect for Spring, and will likely be fine for Summer too. They had a khaki/camo version in the store where I live that doesn’t appear online – I may need to return and see if it still exists…

    And just to note, I am actually wearing mine at work today (the tribal pattern)!

  7. Hi I was curious..I have these jeans but it light grey flip side to a dark grey..I LOVE mine however I just washed them and let them air dry and now the color has bled to the light side :((( have you washed yours yet? You have any problems?

    1. I’ve washed mine multiple times and they haven’t bled but did fade a little. However I put them in the dryer for a while.

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