Quick & Easy Chicken Fried Rice

I made this Chicken Fried Rice months ago when I was trying my hand in preparing Chinese Food at home on the regular. Anyway here goes...

Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

I am so back logged with my recipe posts. I made this months ago when I was trying my hand in preparing Chinese Food at home on the regular. I haven’t been making Chinese dishes as much lately as I need to make a trip to Chinatown and get me an authentic cheapie wok. Having a wok pan will make this dish so much easier to prepare, nonetheless you can also use a non-stick frying pan…

What you will need…

Chicken-Fried -Rice2

8 oz boneless & skinless chicken breasts, cubed

1 tbsp minced garlic

1/2 cup onions, chopped

1/4 cup of scallions, chopped

1 egg

1 cup frozen peas & carrots

5 tbsp lite soy sauce

3 tbsp vegetable oil

1 cup rice, preferably cooked a day in advance and refrigerated


Chicken-Fried -Rice2

Chicken-Fried -Rice3

Season chicken to taste and set aside. I used adobo, garlic powder and cayenne pepper.

Chicken-Fried -Rice4

Heat vegetable oil and saute onions and garlic until slightly brown…

Chicken-Fried -Rice5

Add chicken and cook until no longer pink in the middle…

Chicken-Fried -Rice6

Toss in carrots & peas and stir fry for about 3 minutes…

Chicken-Fried -Rice7

Add your egg and scramble. This is where a wok is better because even in my non-stick pan my egg sticks to the vegetable bits ( I eventually switched pans)

Chicken-Fried -Rice8

Add in rice and soy sauce and stir until everything is evenly coated.

Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Toss in the scallions and serve hot.

Chicken-Fried -Rice10


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