Does It Take You Longer To Do Your Hair Or Your Makeup?

With my short cut, I can pull my hair together quick & easy. Makeup is another story. What takes you longer, Hair or Makeup?

"Hair vs. Makeup"

With my short cut, I can pull my hair together quick and easy. If I am wearing my hair straight it takes longer to do my makeup, however if I am curling my hair it takes around the same amount of time to do each which is about 15 minutes. What takes you longer to do?

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  1. My hair is long, so I usually wrap it at night and let it down in the morning or ponytail it (which I don’t do often) or pin-curl it. Makeup is a different story, especially my eye makeup which has to be precise and my foundation which has to be flawless! Great thread!

  2. Having unpolished hair can be sexy in an undone kind of way. Your face is a different story- I spent more time making sure my blemishes and dark circles are covered, and my face is put together. My hair, unlike my face, is kind of an after thought! Nice poll.

  3. It takes me longer to do my hair. I usually get up and get dressed first but while I’m doing that I think about how I want my makeup to look for the day. So the only thing I end up having to take my time with is my hair. Lately, I’ve been wearing half wigs as a protective style so it’s been taking me longer to do my makeup lol

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