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I was going through my personal makeup collection doing some cleanup, and decided to reorganize things. Here's my new makeup storage.

I was going through my personal makeup collection doing some cleanup, and taking out items that I no longer want or use. I decided to pick up some more baskets and reorganize things a bit. I store my makeup in my bathroom and that is where I apply it as well. I really want a vanity but don’t have the room for it, but I am going to find a way to make room because then I can really organize things the way I’d like. Anyway, my makeup is stored in two 3 draw Sterilite bins stacked on top of each other with baskets in the drawers for further organization.

In the 1st draw, I keep mainly my brow and lash products.

In the 2nd draw I have eyeliners and eyeshadow bases (that’s NYX Jumbo E/S pencils “depenciled” into jars on the right). I also keep single eyeshadows and my pigment samples in here.

In the 3rd draw I store all of my lip products.

In the 4th draw I have my face products such as primers, concealers, foundations, setting powders, illuminators etc.

In the 5th draw I store my blushers and bronzers.

In the last draw I have my eyeshadow palettes.

I keep my brushes and setting sprays on my spacesaver along with my hair products .

How do you store your makeup?

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  1. I love organizing! <3 I definitely love what you've done and that everything has its place. Extra points for having the little organizing baskets be colored as well!

    As for me, I pretty much do the same thing. I have little baskets within drawers and I also picked up this nifty plastic organizer with little drawers from Home Depot. It was inexpensive and perfect for pigments and such!

  2. I purchased a Caboodles Deluxe sized Train Case from Walmart the other day. It has lots of space and six compact shelves. It is featured on the Caboodles website. This case is a must for all makeup addicts.

  3. I love the organization I have a vanity and I feel like I need to get like a beautiful organizer for the top to free up my draw which is looking packed now.

    1. Thank you. I so envy you guys with vanities. I recommend the sterilite drawers or clear organizers with multiple compartments. That way you can see everything easily and organize your products.

  4. I love this post. I need to get organized too! Right now I’m using small (desktop-sized) drawers, for jewelry and makeup, but it’s starting to overflow and I need to weed and/or get larger containers. This is inspirational, although I don’t have nearly as much makeup and don’t need nearly as much space – still, inspirational! How do you find ways to use all your makeup?

    1. That is my main problem, I don’t. I have so much stuff that I have a lot of things that I haven’t even used at all. I try to put myself on ban and shop my collection.

  5. Lol,wow, cute. I don’t have a vanity, I dont have the plastic one. I wanna cry, my cosmetics are in a plastic bag, all separeted in different plastic bags, clear ones, according to the type of content. So sad…..

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