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China Glaze is definitely giving OPI a run for their money with the release of the Crackle Glaze Collection. Check out Mo's guest review.

China Glaze is definitely giving OPI a run for their money with the release of the Crackle Glaze Collection, which features 6 new Crackle colors, and just like OPI shatter, Crackle has been selling out everywhere!  I was lucky enough to buy the entire  collection on Amazon for 25 bucks. The collection goes as follows : Lightening Bolt (White), Broken Hearted (Pink), Crushed Candy (Blue) …which looks a lot like my fav nail polish ever For Audrey (also from China Glaze) 🙂 Black Mesh (Black), Cracked Concrete (Grey) and Fault Line (Purple). I love the fact that there is so much variety with this collection,  the possibilities are endless!

"China Glaze Crackle Glaze Collection"

The formula is kind of thick, yet very pigmented. Only apply the Crackle over completely dry nail polish and  seal with a top coat for best results.  How much product on the brush and the pressure you put on the brush while applying makes a difference. Very little polish = small cracks. Thicker coats = bigger, more chunky cracks. Overall, love this collection! You can wear it everyday or just for special  outings. Crackle Glaze is also a great way to dress up a manicure. I would Highly recommend!!!

This review was provided by my lovely cousin Monique and is the sole opinion of said reviewer. I had no influence on this review in any way.
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  1. Hey there! To answer your question the Amazon seller I purchased the collection from was Nails & Beyond, I bought it about a month and a half ago! You can also check out & (They always have great deals ;)) Thanks for commenting <3

  2. This post made me want these polishes even more! Everywhere I go they are always sold out =( I can’t wait to get them…or at least one so I can try out one of these colour combos!

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