Natural Hair 101: Things To Know Before You Do The Big Chop

Natural Hair 101 series to help out the new (and contemplating) Naturalistas. First up, the things you should know before you do The Big Chop.

I’ve been getting so many questions about the products I use on my natural hair. How to achieve curl definition. How to style your own hair. Maintaining your hairstyle. Taking care of my natural hair came easy for me. I know how to do hair in general. And I’m used to doing my own hair. But I’ve realized that the natural hair journey may not be so easy for everyone. In fact, it can be downright overwhelming. So I decided to start a Natural Hair 101 series to help out the new Naturalistas, and those who are contemplating going natural. Now I’m no natural hair expert. But I’ve learned a lot over the last 2+ years. Let’s start with the things you need to know before you do The Big Chop.

Things To Know Before You Do The Big Chop

Be 100% Sure

Be 100% sure that you want to cut off all of your hair. If you are not sure and still contemplating starting your natural hair journey, then transition until you are. There is no going back from The Big Chop. You can not glue that hair back on your head.

Don’t Cut Blindly

So you’ve decided that you’re going to be bold and cut your hair. Don’t cut blindly. Choose a style in advance. Plan ahead whether it be a Dark Ceasar or a Tapered Cut. Also have an approximate length in mind and take shrinkage into account. If you don’t know what shrinkage is, it’s when your hair shrinks down when wet. It will be much shorter than it is in it’s blown out state, sometimes more than 50%. Go to a barber or hair stylist if you have no clue what you’re doing.

Your Hair May Not Look Anything Like You Expected

Especially if you’ve had a relaxer since you were a child. Your texture can change from childhood to adult hood. So don’t try to figure out your hair type or curl pattern from your new growth. Relaxed ends weigh down the natural hair, manipulating the true curl pattern. You won’t know what your hair will look like until you take the plunge and cut it. Also keep in mind that you may not see your true curl pattern right away. Your hair may be in shock for a while and you may not see any curl pattern at all. I didn’t see my true curl pattern for a few months.

Your Hair Is Unique

Your natural  hair will not look exactly like anyone else’s hair. So don’t get completely caught up in hair typing and curl patterns. Your hair may fall in the 4C category, but your texture and curl pattern can be completely different from another 4C Naturalista. Your hair may also behave differently and have different needs. This is very important when it comes down selecting products.

Choose Products Wisely

Speaking of products, choose wisely. Natural hair products ain’t cheap. You’ll spend a grip if you go out and buy every product you see someone use in a tutorial. Start off with a group of products- a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and a styling cream. Keep what works and then try something new if a particular product doesn’t work. When you find a regimen that works for your hair, stick to it.

That’s it y’all. These are the things you need to know before you do The Big Chop. I will discuss choosing products in more detail in the next post of my Natural Hair 101 Series, so stay tuned. See the products I used after my Big Chop here.

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  1. Hi Erika! Thank you very much for this post. I already did the big chop but any informations is good to know. I had the chance to meet you 2 years ago at Columbia and you have been nice to me. I appreciate it????

  2. By the way is there a way to follow your blog as we do on Instagram? then I could be update once you post. Thanks for letting me know????

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