5 Natural Hair Pages You Should Be Following On The Gram

Natural Hair Instagram pages that provide information and inspiration, and will help you gain confidence in your natural hair.

Natural Hair Instagram Team Natural

I’m approaching my one year natural hair anniversary so get ready as I’m going to flood your feeds with posts about natural hair. You’ve been warned #sorrynotsorry lol. On a serious note, I know how important it is as a Naturalista (especially newly natural) to have sources of information and inspiration for our natural hair. Maintaining natural hair can be quite the task. Especially if you’ve had a relaxer for most of your life and have no clue where to begin. Whether it be product suggestions, hair tutorials or pictures of different hairstyles, all of these little things can be the difference between someone staying the course or calling it quits. A huge source of information and inspiration for me on my journey so far has been Instagram. Here are a few of the Natural Hair Instagram pages that not only gave me inspiration, but also showed me mad love on my natural hair journey, which helped me gain confidence in my natural hair.

Team Natural @teamnatural_

The Team Natural Instagram page proves that natural hair is not just a fad, but a movement, and showcases all types of Naturalistas to prove it. From 3A to 4Z, Tapered Up to the Pam Grier Fro, simple black to blond bombshell- the page is loaded with all types of natural hair gorgeousness. Hashtag #teamnatural_


Natural Hair Instagram 4c Hair Chicks

4C Hair Chicks @4chairchicks

If you’re Type 4c (like me) or anywhere in the 4 category, as a lot of Type 4 Naturalistas have a mix of 4a/b/c, then this page is for you. The 4c Hair Chicks Instagram page is an online community for women with type 4 hair which is a big deal as our hair type is very underrepresented in my opinion. This is one of the main reasons why I decided to share my hair tutorials and show other Type 4 women that our hair is gorgeous and versatile once you learn what works for you. 4c Hair Chicks showcases all sorts of gorgeous hairstyles on Type 4 Naturalistas from Twist Outs to Rod Sets. The page also features mini hair tutorials, tried and true product suggestions and progress posts to show that our hair can grow just like any other type with proper care. Hashtag #4chairchicks


Natural Hair Instagram Kinky Chicks

Kinky Chicks @kinky_chicks1

Kinky Chicks is actually an apparel and lifestyle brand whose products celebrate natural hair with gorgeous frotastic graphics, and quirky natural hair quotes. The Kinky Chicks Instagram page not only features the brands apparel, but also showcases gorgeous Naturalistas rocking their crowns of glory along with some tutorials, techniques and product suggestions thrown in. Hashtag #kinkychicks


Natural Hair Instagram Naturally She's Dope

Naturally She’s Dope @naturallyshesdope

As the name suggests, the Naturally She’s Dope Instagram page features straight up, well, dope Naturalistas. You’ll find funky cuts and color, flawless makeup and fab style along with styling tips and product recommendations. Hashtag #Naturallyshesdope


Natural Hair Instagram Natural Hair Daily

Natural Hair Daily @naturalhairdaily

The Natural Hair Daily Instagram page features daily natural hair inspiration and empowerment to help you remember just how gorgeous your natural hair is in case you happen to forget. The page features an abundance of Beautiful Queens with Gorgeous Crowns and they are rocking them with confidence baby. Hashtag #naturalhairdaily

I follow lots of Natural Hair Instagram pages, but I’ve been following these from the beginning and look forward to my daily dose. Of course you should also be following me on Instagram (@glammzmore) if you’re not following already, as I always give details on my hairstyles and products used that you may not see here on the blog (obligatory self-promotion :)).

What Natural Hair pages do you follow  on The Gram?

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