My Top 10 Picks from H&M x Balmain

After getting teasers for months, the H&M x Balmain Collection is finally coming...and it ain't cheap. So have your coins ready.

After getting teasers for months, the H&M x Balmain Collection is finally coming…and it ain’t cheap, so have your coins ready. The most expensive piece, an intricately hand beaded dress will run you $649. However, there’s a nice selection of accessories under $100 if you must have something but you’re on a tight budget. I have to give it to Balmain’s Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing, as the collection is out of this world (even if my most coveted pieces are out of my price range *sheds tear*.) Here’s my favorite pieces.


Check out this interview with Oliver Rousteing to learn more about the designer and his inspiration for H&M x Balmain.


The H&M x Balmain collection will be available in 250 H&M stores worldwide, and online on November 5th. 

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  1. I have no experience with this designer collab thing. H&M doesn’t have an online store where I live, and they say people had crappy experiences in the past, due to all items being sold previosusly in “exclusive first look” type of events, so I have no idea what to expect when I show up at the H&M store on Thursday.

    I’ve already picked out the items I’d like to buy, but it makes me worry about not being able to buy even a single ring or something… *smh*

    1. I totally understand. I try to shop online and it’s always an issue with the website since so many ppl are on. I really want to try and get the faux fur coat!

  2. Did you manage to get your hands on anything? 🙂 I ended up not even going.

    Take a look at what happened during the launch in my home city Istanbul. I think I’m glad I didn’t go!

    1. Nope, not at all. I didn’t want to go in person to avoid the crowds and planned to shop online. I wasn’t even able to get on the site, kept getting an away message 🙁

      I removed the link to the video as it has been removed due to copyright infringement.

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