Fashion Please Don’t: Ashanti’s Ratchet Ass Catsuit

Ashanti's body is amazing, but I don't know where she got this ratchet ass catsuit from. She needs to burn it immediately. And fire her stylist.


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Just because you have the body for something does not mean that you should wear it and here is a classic example. Ashanti’s body is amazing but I don’t know where she got this ratchet a$$ catsuit from. She needs to burn it immediately. And fire her stylist. Looking like a low budget Stripper or better yet a Street Walker smh. Ladies please don’t get caught out there like this!

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  1. When you said catsuit that was a no right there. When I saw the picture though. I have no words. Where are her friends? There is no excuse for that. I’m sure strippers are looking at her like, hell naw!

    1. Lol I would not let my friends go out looking like that. She needs to fire her stylist or hire one because from the looks of this it looks like she went to the bargain store and grabbed this get up on her own

  2. Erica gurl, I can make some real $$$ wearing dat catsuit!!! Why did the pic make me laugh.

  3. I blame Keyshia Ka’Oir and the simple hoochie Draya for these ratchet bodysuits. Ashanti hasn’t aged which is good but she damn sure hasn’t evolved. Geezzz

  4. Whoa. I saw that and heard “Coming to the stage about to do something strange for some change… put y’all hands together for…. ASHANTI!!!!”

    Yeah. Girl needs to fire her stylist and e’erbody else who lied and told her that ratchet-suit was a good idea.

  5. Oh hell this shit is crazy….LOL E one of the glamazons mentioned Keyshia Ka’Oir what do u think of her lipsticks ?

  6. Some women just love to find.flaws. 80% of the time Ashanti looks pretty well put together, but the one time she slighty off, these type of women pounce. While the catsuit is not mu taste. She is physically on point to rock it or any other demure version.

    1. If you read the post I said that her body is amazing but just because you can wear something doesn’t mean that you should. I have no problems with complimenting another women but also don’t have a problem telling it like it is when it’s not on point. It’s not about looking for flaws. I didn’t say Ashanti was ratchet but this outfit is. I don’t care if Ashanti, Beyonce or Tasha from across the street had it on it still wouldn’t be tasteful. At her age and trying to make a comeback she should be more mindful of her image.

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