Dress Your Best with a Well Organized Closet

While doing a Spring sweep of my closet I decided to reorganize everything for a cleaner look. A well organized closet makes it easier to dress your best.

I’m usually a clothing & shoe hoarder and find that I have a closet full of stuff yet nothing to wear. In an attempt to keep my closet under control, every season I sort through everything and take out the things that I don’t wear, don’t want or doesn’t fit to giveaway and sell.ย  While doing my Spring sweep I decided to reorganize everything for a cleaner look and to make it easier for me to dress my best. I have a smallish closet, it’s decent compared to some NYC apartment closets but it’s far from large. With me if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind so I need to see as much of my stuff as possible or I will forget that I have it and won’t wear it. Here is my latest setup. First let me tell you that it’s best to use thin velvet hangers as they keep clothes on without deforming the shape and you are able to fit more into the closet. I mainly use those and H&M hangers since I ran out. I plan to purchase more velvet hangers and change out the rest too.

Well Organized Closet

Well Organized Closet

Starting with the stuff that are hanging and on the right hand side, first up dresses….


You can’t see them all but they go all the way to the back.


Moving left we have jackets and then tops. The tops are sorted by sleeve length and then loosely sorted by color and print.


Next up we have bottoms starting with the skirts which is a very small group because my hips have outgrown most of mine *rolls eyes* lol


After the skirts you have the pants starting with slacks and trousers and then jeans. They are kind of organized by color and print as well and extend all the way to the left so all are not visible in the pic.


Moving up to the over head shelf from left to right I have my boots lined up…



I done wore my Litas into the ground and they are almost out the door, I need a new pair ASAP lol!. In the far right corner I have a few of my bags and my bracelets.



Moving to the floor from left to right first up we have the rest of my shoes. I took out a bunch of pairs to get rid of and a few more may go. My style in shoes has changed drastically these past few years and I am more selective. I organize my shoes on expandable, stackable shoe racks…

Well Organized Small Closet


Next, the latest addition to my closet are these sets of Sterilite drawers…


I had my underclothing, socks and belts all in different bins and my scarves thrown in the corner so it was hell getting dressed in the morning. On the left from top to bottom I have bras, panties and belts and on the right from top to bottom there are socks, stocking and scarves.


I love bright bras and animal prints *blushing*


On top of this set of Sterilite drawers I put my smaller drawers which used to serve as my makeup storage…


The drawers on the right stores clutch bags and those that can’t fit are stored on top. The drawers on the left has coin purses, my running fanny pack, headbands and other miscellaneous stuff in the top drawer…


Glasses in the middle drawer…


And rings, the rest of my bracelets and some earrings in the bottom drawer. (I only keep costume jewels in the closet, my regular jewelry box is stored elsewhere.


To the rightย  of the drawers and in the corner I have a few small bins stacked, the top contains my swimwear and the bottom two has sorority paraphernalia. You can see my small sewing kit in the front. All space must be utilized so I use over the door racks for additional storage…


Over the left door I hang my necklaces and earrings…


And over the right door I have more bags and a few hats. Across from the closet and behind the bedroom door there is a small corner that I use for just a bit more storage.ย The bottom bin contains some Summer clothing that’s stored away along with tanks and tees and the top bin has sweaters.ย  I store the rest of my bags on top. I currently don’t use a dresser and I’m thinking about replacing the bins with a small one but I’m concerned that it might be damaged by the door. I may just stack a few more Sterilite drawers I’ll see.


So there you have it guys, this is how I organize my closet. I have a platform bed with drawers underneath so I store my pajamas and such there and I have another closet about this size that I use as a coat closet and home storage. After going through everything I have two big bags of clothes and some shoes that I am parting with. I will be adding a “Shop My Closet” Page soon to put up a few things to sell. I am pretty content with my wardrobe at the moment and just plan to add a few more colored pieces in pastels and jewel tones, a few skirts, a few pairs of shoes and a tan bag. I also would like a few more rings and earrings. Sounds like a lot but I really don’t plan to add too much as a lot of this stuff still has tags on it. My goal is to make my current wardrobe work by being creative and mixing & matching the pieces that I already have.

I hope this post helped you guys out with some closet organization ideas!

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  1. Wow girl your closet is stacked, major closet envy over here! And yes looking at your closet I feel like I can forge into the jungle that is my wardrobe and come out queen of the jungle after I’m done! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Wow…That’s great organization for your space. Love your ideas, I’m thinking of doing a bookshelf or two for some of my shoes if I have enough space in my room.

  3. Erica – you did a GREAT job organizing your closet! The thin, velvet hangers are a great space-saver, as you indicated, plus your clothes will stay nicer, longer. As an additional tip, you can label your Sterlite containers – then it will look like you hired a professional organizer to do the job – LOL! Have a good one!

  4. I have the same drawers for my bras and underwear but never figure out to organize them. I wanted to organize them similar to how you have yours but didn’t think it could work. Thanks for showing me it can!!

  5. Hey Soror! What an organized closet! I have my things in opposite direction. Well I have 2 closets in my room. The 1st one I have jackets, jeans and pants (with buttoned-down shirts), sweaters, and skirts, in there. The 2nd starts with my dresses then suits. I have 2 bins in there as well, so I can’t hang anything else. I don’t have a collection of shoes or boots. Other things are kept in drawers (under clothes, pj’s t-shirts, socks, panty hose, and sweaters.

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