Mint Pleated Maxi Dress At El Morro Fortress

This mint pleated maxi dress was perfect for a trip to El Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The fortress was so beautiful & serene. Take a closer look.

What To Wear To El Morro Fortress

This is another dress that I wore while vacationing in Puerto Rico. I purchased this pleated maxi dress a few months ago and hadn’t gotten around to wearing it. So I decided to take it on my trip. We went to Old San Juan on Sunday to visit El Morro, a fortress constructed during the 17th & 18th centuries to defend the San Juan coastline. The fortress was beautiful. If you are ever in San Juan then I highly recommend that you visit. It’s a must see.



The fortress was airy, yet serene. The architecture is amazing. It was also extremely windy because of the water. Especially outside. Dust kept blowing in my eyes, and my hair was almost standing on top of my head by the time we left.

El Morro Old San Juan Review

I loved the view from the walls and could’ve stood there for hours (if it weren’t so windy). The water and scenery were just gorgeous.

Mint Pleated Maxi Dress At El Morro

mint pleated maxi dress

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Of course his fly was matching mine. I’d actually rock these kicks myself.

Makeup Puerto Rico

This beautiful mint pleated maxi dress was perfect for a trip to El Morro. Along with my simple makeup, I was cool, comfortable and cute!

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  1. You look amazing and I love the dress. Tell you honey bunch that we said thank you for the many pictures.

  2. This dress is love at first sight! It looks amazing against your tanned skin! Love that you kept the jewellery simple! This dress is a winner and you look FAB in it!

    xoxo TY

  3. i love that dress and how your man stuck his foot out to show that you guys were matching…. beautiful

  4. San Juan looks so amazing. You made me fall in love again, Erica! You in the lovely turquoise dress floating through the old, chipped away corridor upon corridor like a dream. Marvelously artsy and so otherworldly.

    What historical site is this? It really sparked off the travel-bug urge in me.

  5. The dress looks lovely on you Erica! Make up is on point, as always too! Can I ask how tall you are? I have my eye on the same dress (Ebay) and just wondered if it’ll be too short on me. I’m 5ft8.

    1. Thx Yinka. I’m 5’5″ and it falls right above my feet, so on you I’m thinking it would probably hit just just above the ankle

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