pleated dress

Not So Plain Jane Pleated Color Block Dress

This pleated color block dress easily transforms from day to night. Simple, yet chic.

pleated dress

Yesterday I was going out to dinner at SOCO straight after work to celebrate my cousin’s birthday, so I chose this pleated color block dress since it can easily transform from day to night. I spiced it up a bit with my accessories, playing on the colors in the dress, and added some leopard calf hair strappy sandals. I guess Jane doesn’t have to be so plain after all!

pleated dress



I absolutely love the simplicity of this dress. Understated yet chic. It’s another one from my Spring/Summer 2012 Haul Video. It’s by a brand called Bebop and I purchased it from the Macy’s Memorial Day Sale for about $15 #winning! Btw, I spent the day at the beach on Sunday. Can’t you tell?!  Finally got my summer tan 🙂

pleated dress

Zara Shopper Basket| Fergie Happy Platform Sandal| F21 Earrings, Mix of F21 & H&M Bangles & Anne Klein Watch

SOCO is a pretty popular restaurant in Brooklyn that serves Southern Fused Cuisine. It has been open for a little over a year and I am glad that we finally had a chance to drop in since the food was ah-mazing! I had the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Red Velvet Waffles…

Soco Fried Chicken and Red Velvet Waffles

The chicken was juicy, seasoned well and barely greasy while the waffles were nice and fluffy with a mild red velvet taste. The syrup was infused with something that I can’t quite explain but it was very deelish. The meal was the perfect pairing with my Soco Caramel Martini with Toasted Marshmallow…

soco caramel martini

OMG this was so good!

"Dinner at SOCO in Brooklyn"

The birthday girl my cousin Monique,  and Myself


Our friend Kisha and my cousin Keina. We had a great time at Soco and I plan to go back again… and again… and again!


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  1. I love that dress and those shoes! that martini looks so yummy! and those red velvet waffles and chicken, OMG! I recently tried some chicken and waffle ice ream, I will be writing about that in my blog later today:-)

  2. I’m on the train the other day staring at you thinking “why the hell does she look so familiar to me” DUH!!! When you got off the train, you gave me a look that said “Bitch, I got mace!!!” I’m sorry! LMAO

    1. Lmao hilarious. OMG, I apologize. When ppl stare at me I wait to see if they give some kind of indication that they know me, if not I get very annoyed. Especially on NYC trains with all the weirdos. I give my “don’t even think about it” look. I am so sorry, I am such a meanie.

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