Tired, Aching Feet No More with Footzyfolds, The Foldable Compact Shoes

My poor feet takes a beating during my busy days, and sometimes I just wish that I had something more comfortable to change into. In comes Footzyfolds.


I rarely ever wear flats. In fact, up until now I didn’t own any flat shoes except for a pair of thong sandals from a few years ago. I am a heels girl, but it comes at the cost of tired, aching feet at times. Long nights on the town with the girls, errands on my lunch break, hours of shopping? Yeah my poor feet takes a beating and sometimes I just wish that I had something more comfortable to change into. If this sounds like you then read on.

Footzyfolds is a foldable shoe made by the Footzyrolls company, which specializes in rollable and foldable shoes that you can carry around in your purse and change into at those times when your “dogs are barking” and you can’t take the pain anymore. The compact style can even fit into a medium to large size clutch bag. Don’t count on them fitting into those teenie weenie clutches that you can barely fit your phone and keys into though. It’s just not happening. The shoes come with a pouch to store the Footzyfolds, and an extra larger pouch to store your shoes in.

I was sent a pair of Fresca Flats in Black from the Luxe Line and had been carrying them in my bag to work everyday for when the moment arose that I needed them. That moment came last week. I had worn  a  pair of shoes that I hadn’t worn in a few years and couldn’t figure out why as they were so cute. After running errands on my lunch break I figured it out, even with insoles my feet slid forward and the band across the front was cutting into my toes. Ouch! So it was time to put my Footzyfolds to the test.

The culprits, switcharoo time…

First of all these are extremely cute. I must admit that I did not expect them to be so darn cute. The Fresca has a pionted toe with a textured PU upper giving the appearance of faux croc, with tasseled embellishments and a rubber sole. They are very well made and don’t seem like they will fall apart.  The elastic in the back of the shoe helps to give a perfect fit. The shoe is very comfortable on however, there was a piece of fabric in the back of my left shoe that kept rubbing my heel. I had to fold it over until I broke the shoes in and then it was fine. Also the shoes run small. I wear a size 7.5/8 and got the Fresca in a Medium which is supposed to fit sizes 7.5 to 8.5. The shoe fits me perfectly with no room to spare so if you are bigger than an 8 I suggest you size up. Other than that I have no complaints. I wore my Footzyfolds to the market after work, traveled home and even went to do my laundry. After all of that my feet were fine, just a bit achy in the arch as I am not used to wearing flats.

The Fresca retails for $38 and comes in Beige, Blue Pink & Black in sizes S-XL. You can buy them along with a ton of other styles at Footzyrolls.com. Keep a pair in your bag, glove compartment and/or desk drawer and never suffer from tired aching feet syndrome again!

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  1. These are cute! They are much cuter than any that I have seen! I wish they weren’t so expensive, BUT they are the same price as some of the GAP shoes I have purchased in times past. Nice review!

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