The OPI Shatter Collection

As if black shatter wasn't enough, let me introduce y'all to the OPI Shatter Collection. Are you as excited as I am, or are you all shattered out?

OPI Shatter Collection

You guys know how much I am in love with OPI Black Shatter. I used it for three weeks straight and still secretly have it on my toes. With that being said, I am thrilled to announce that Tennis Star Serena Williams is coming back for another round with her OPI Glam Slam Collection including four new shades, two being White and Red Shatters! The collection will be launched in May to coincide with the French Open, and it will feature Spark de Triomphe , a silver glitter to be worn under White Shatter, and Rally Pretty Pink which is a shimmering duochromatic pink fused with gold to be worn under Red Shatter.


"OPI Blue Shatters"

But wait there’s more… Also coming in May is OPI Primary Blue, Navy Blue and Blue Turquoise Shatters. That’s a whole lot of Shatter. But I’m surely not complaining.

"OPI Shatter Collection"

While you are still drooling there is one more. Last but not least, Silver OPI Shatter is also coming in May with the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection…

I have my eye on the blues and the white. Are you as excited as I am for the new OPI Shatters or all you all Shattered out? Talk to me!

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