How To Install Your Own Sew In Weave So It Looks Natural

A pictorial showing how easy it is to install your own sew in weave. This is how I install my weave so that it looks natural.

How To Install Your Own Sew In Weave

I like to try different hairstyles at any given moment. Since I do my own hair, this is pretty easy for me. I don’t have to worry about paying a stylist which tends to get very expensive if you go often. This year I have been giving my own hair a break and wearing a partial weave. I do this by braiding up most of my hair and sewing in tracks/extensions, leaving out enough of my own hair in the crown to cover the tracks. I also recently decided to try and transition out of my relaxer and grow out my hair with it’s natural texture. Right now the portion of my hair which I braid up hasn’t been relaxed in 4 months, and the portion that is left out has not been relaxed in 2 months. I am going to give you a quick picture tutorial showing you how to install your own sew in weave.

To install your own sew in weave, you will need weaving hair on wefts (commonly referred to as tracks) as close to your natural hair color and texture as possible. Weaving thread, and a weaving needle. I prefer a hook needle as it’s easier to work with.You’ll also need a scissor,comb, brush, polishing gloss and a flat iron or curling iron.

Here is the hair that I used for this style, BobbiBoss IndiRemi Premium Virgin Hair in the Natural Yaki texture. This is 100% human hair. I paid $70 for one 10 inch pack of hair. The color is 1B which is dark brown/off black.


BobbiBoss IndiRemi Yaki Sew In Weave

I begin by washing my own hair and putting in a hot oil treatment. Next, I gave it a 1 inch trim and braided it up, leaving out my bangs and enough hair in the crown to cover the tracks.  I choose different braid patterns for different styles, for this style I chose to braid my hair straight back in cornrows and connected the braids into 1 going across the back of my head. The bottom row of hair closest to the nape, I braided into 1 braid going across and also connected the ends into the braid mentioned above. I braid my cornrows with weaving thread so that they will stay tight and not come undone when I wash my hair. I then tucked the loose ends under the braid and secured with thread.

DIY Sew In Weave Tutorial

You then measure your track for the first row from one side of the braid closest to the nape, to the next. Cut the track to the correct length, and sew the track onto the braid. I usually sew from left to right. You do this for each additional row until you get to the crown.

How to install your own sew in weave

Next I comb my leave out down to cover the tracks. Then apply the polishing gloss, and flat iron my natural hair to blend with the tracks. I pay extra attention to my roots since I have a lot of new growth. I then trim the ends of the extensions to define the layers and frame my face, and slightly bump under the ends with the flat iron.You should not be able to see any tracks.

Here is my poor attempt at a diagram of my braiding pattern lol

For maintenance, I wash my hair every 1 and a half to two weeks in the shower.  I dilute some shampoo with water in a squeeze bottle and use that to get to my braids under the tracks. After rinsing thoroughly, I apply a hot oil treatment to my braids and the extensions. I let it sit with a plastic cap for a half hour. After rinsing out the treatment I let my hair air dry for a few hours. ThenI  blow dry with a comb attachment. I flat iron my leave out. Bump the ends of the tracks with the flat iron. And put my hair in a doobie wrap. Then cover with a silk scarf to sleep. It’s bouncy with a natural bend to the ends in the morning.

With this maintenance, this self install lasts me 2 to 3 months. When it’s time to take out, I strongly suggest that you let someone help you. Unless you really know what you’re doing. It’s a very tedious and time consuming task. And you can accidentally cut your own hair if not careful.

As you can see, it’s super easy to install your own sew in weave. But let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Hi there,

    I just wanted to say that I admire you for doing all that beaty treatment by yourself, brais included!! and all others!! I just came to your bloog and I am dmired by the things you do and the time you take in showing all your products and thoughts… Your blog is amazing really!
    Thanks you so much and please keep posting.

  2. Hey honey I just saw this post, you did an excellent job wow wish I knew how to braid might try the ponytail way for sew ins.. And love the style to I wanna try that bobbi boss hair soon.. Thanks for the break down of how to maintain i never thought about doing hot oil treatment I am going to try this.. Thanks alot


  3. Hi, I came across your post a few months ago and fell in love with how you are so into keeping yourself beautiful. I use to be like that be like that but I got into a really bad relationship and it brought my self-esteem way down. I’m trying to get myself back on track but is so hard. thanks for the post and tutorials. they are helping me get back into the my old groove. I was hoping that you would be able to post a video of how you do this sew in. Money is really tight that I am a new mom. so if you could I would really appreciate it. Thanks

    1. Glad to hear that you are getting back into yourself. It’s important to remember not to let anyone bring you down or make you forget who you are! If I do this style again I will try to remember to do a video. I am glad that you find my posts and tutorials useful 🙂

  4. Hi can l braid my own hair and do a sew in LM allergic to braided hair if. So how can l keep hair. Tight at least. For 2 month have. Virgin kinky. Brazilian is what I’m. Using

    1. I use to braid my hair with the weave thread without damage, but you’ll probably need help taking it out to avoid cutting your hair. I was very careful

  5. Thanks for the video. I did my daughters hair and she loved . Keep up the positive work and videos.

    God Bless, Sheryl

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