How To Get A Poppin’ Wash N’ Go On Short Type 4 Hair

Did you know that you can get a poppin’ Wash n’ Go on your short Type 4 hair using a comb? Let me show you how…

Grow Out Your TWA With This Winter Protective Style Tutorial

Finger Coils is the perfect winter protective style for super short natural hair. So give your hair a break and watch your ‘fro grow!

Short Tapered TWA Haircut & Style Tutorial On 4C Natural Hair

I finally got tired of walking around looking raggedy, so I cut my hair. I filmed a Short Tapered TWA Tutorial for y’all in the process.

Give Your TWA New Life This Summer With A Side Part

Look fresh to death this Summer with a side part in your TWA. Watch this tutorial to see how to get a defined part. No clippers involved.

How To Use Bentonite Clay To Get Your 4C Coils & Skin Poppin’

Old Man Winter wreaking havoc on your hair and skin? Watch this tutorial to get your coils & skin poppin’ again with a bentonite clay mask.

How I Style My TWA With The Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Collection

After doing a 3rd Big Chop, this is how I style my TWA using the Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Collection. The style is super quick and easy!

Super Shiny Wash N’ Go With The Fantasia IC Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection

I usually I dread washing my hair. But shaved sides and a Wash n’ Go with the Fantasia IC Jamaican Black Castor Oil Collection makes things easier.

How To Give Your Tapered Cut New Life With Natural Hair Clip Ins

New Hair. Who Dis. I tried something new and gave my Tapered Cut new life for Spring with some natural hair clip ins. Check out the tutorial!

Fabulous Finger Coils Tutorial Featuring Fantasia Haircare

Need some weekend hair inspiration? Check out my fabulous Finger Coils Tutorial featuring some products from Fantasia Haircare.