My Minimalist Chic Brooklyn NYC Apartment Tour

I finally have my space looking how I want it to look. So I’m giving y’all a peek inside. Welcome to my Brooklyn NYC Apartment Tour…

The Fall 2019 Fashion Pieces That I Added To My Closet

Up close & personal look at the Fall 2019 fashion pieces that I added to my closet. You guys know that I had to try on some things for y’all!

3 Fall 2018 Fashion Trends That Will Elevate Your Minimalist Style

There’s nothing like the cool crisp air and the return of pumpkin spice everything. But I’m most excited for these Fall 2018 Fashion Trends. Get into them.

This Is Why It’s Okay To Look Basic For NYFW

Fashion is an expression of ones personal style. Not everyones personal style is over the top. Some people like to look basic. And that’s okay.

10 Key Pieces For A Spring/Summer Work To Play Minimalist Wardrobe

I’ve just done another closet clean out and took inventory of my staple pieces. Here’s some key pieces for a work to play minimalist wardrobe.

Why I’m Trying To Quit Fast Fashion

It’s about time for me to quit fast fashion. We’ve had a love hate relationship for a while now, but I’ve had enough and will be moving on. Here’s why…

It’s Okay To Be A Fashion Repeat Offender

You will definitely see me wear things more than once. If not in an outfit post, then on my social media channels. I’m a fashion repeat offender.

Spruce Up Your Minimalist Wardrobe With A Pop Of Color + Print

A minimalist wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring. Add pops of color and print to your closet in the form of accessories. Like a yellow bag & leopard heelsl!

Minimalist Chic

All it takes is basic pieces that you probably already have in your closet to create a minimalist chic outfit. The more neutrals, the merrier.