10 Ways To Celebrate Black History 365 Days A Year

We are black every month. 365 days a year. So we should celebrate Black History EVERY SINGLE DAY. Here’s some ways to celebrate year round.

21 Facts About Me That You Possibly Don’t Know

It’s come to my attention that y’all don’t really know your sis. So, here’s 21 Facts About Me with a video so you know it’s real!

10 Easy Ways To Save Money & Stick To Your Budget This Year

Get on track to achieve your financial goals with these tips & tricks to help you save money and stick to your budget.

Give Yourself Grace

Life will knock you down. But It doesn’t always have to be sink or swim. It’s okay to float when you need to. Give Yourself Grace.

I Hope Our Mom And Son Holiday Photos Bring You A Little Joy Today

These 2020 Mom and Son Holiday Photos mean the world to me. I am so grateful that we were able to take them. Let me share a story with you…

6 Ways To Have A Good Time Spending The Holidays At Home

Outside is still not safe. So I’ll be spending the holidays at home.
Doing the same? Here’s some ways to keep the party going within your household.

My One Goal As I Embark On Year 38 Is To Be Intentional

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Returning to the office? Here’s how to get your act together and get your quarantine sleep schedule back on track for good.

Reflecting On Juneteenth

Happy Juneteenth ya’ll. I’m so happy to have a day to reflect and celebrate Freedom & Black Culture. It feels good to celebrate a holiday that is all OURS.